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    Hey man,

    recording the virus' parts is easy. The way i do it using cubase is to make a new group channel and call it "record buss" then create a new audio track and call it "record track".

    I route the output of my virus channel into the "record buss" and then set the stereo in on my "record track" to "record buss". That way you get a direct feed of your virus into an audio track for recording.

    If you have more than one part from your virus playing through the same channels on the mixer just solo the part you want to record and voila!

    In the likes of ableton its a lot less fuss, you just route the output of the virus audio track to an empty audio track and hit record. Remember the same applies about soloing other parts if they play through the same channel.

    For setting up the virus to control your other plugins its pretty easy too, alhough it will help if you know the midi cc's for the parameters you want to control. Setting up controls for your other plugins is done on the "remote" page of the virus, its pretty straight forward and is explained quite well.


    Yeah that is true, if you want to use your virus in surround sound you would have to use two sets of outputs (stereo front and stereo rear).

    However for stereo outputs only, its three through USB and three through analogue jacks.

    I could believe that RME's new interface does have better latency than the FF400, and in reality USB2 technically can transfer at a higher bandwidth than firewire but like i stated earlier, if you have like that new RME interface and even just a virus runnung from the same USB PCI card then the bandwidth will be divided between them.

    If you have a dedicated PCI for a virus and another for a soundcard your laughing!

    I've never used VC in LP9, I'm a Cubase user but saying that I've never had any issues with it in that DAW.

    Don't get me wrong mate, you can do a mixdown really well when using the virus as your soundcard, the only issue I have is that when I try to increase the buffer size so my PC can handle more plugins, the sounds from my virus stop coming out. Its a pain in the arse, So i just stick with my Edirol, it can handle anything pretty much. Thats why your Apogee shouldbe kept!

    I personally don't think that the sound is degraded buy going through the Virus' USB.

    If you wanna listen to my track here:

    It has the Virus all over it and was all bounced through the USB. I did upload it at 320bit so you'll get an idea of the quality anyway

    Ben - Prolodic :D


    what you want to do is not load an instrument track, but load the virus into the instrument rack (press F11) this is the only way you can activate the other USB outputs for the virus.

    In the actual instrument rack you will see a little cymbal beside where you load in the plugin, if you click this it will show all available outputs and you can activate them from there.


    Here's a little tip for everyone out there,

    The virus connects via USB as we all know,

    But...... USB has a flaw.

    Unlike Firewire, USB shares its bandwidth with all the other ports on the same card. (eg. PCI Card)

    For a while when I first got my TI it was great, but when I had a good few parts playing together I was experiencing dropouts, I'm sure everyone has had this issue and its a pain in the arse.

    The thing is that if you have, say, your TI, USB audio interface, Midi keyboard, and any other USB connectable devices hooked up to your computer together, they are all going to be sharing the same amount of bandwidth between them (if of course those ports all lead to the same card).

    Something I did which really helped the performance of my TI, was to buy additional USB2 ports for my PC in the form of a PCI Card, just for my virus. Some might say that's a bit extreme, why should you have to do such a thing in the first place? Unfortunately, its the nature of USB.

    USB devices cant take all the bandwidth for themselves unlike firewire, which is a real shame and hopefully will be sorted out when USB3 is available.

    Anyway, I bought myself a USB2 x 5 and Firewire x 2 port PCI Card, and I can say that I am getting the utmost power from my TI beause it is the only thing I have connected to that card at the moment.

    And for a measly price of about £6 for the extra ports I think that's quite good really. That money could of easily been spent on fags or booze.

    If you have the extra PCI slots to play with that's always a good option to bear in mind if your virus is always kicking up a fuss when you load that 3rd, 4th or even 5th part into your tune.

    I would have to say the best thing you could do is keep everything you have and save up for a virus if you dont already have one. The latency from my virus is always bang on and i've never had any issues with the sound quality, its always sounded expensive to me lol.

    A lot of people said when the virus was first released that they were having latency problems blah blah blah but we're well past that stage now man, everything works the way it's supposed to :D

    I would definitely keep the mpk for a master keyboard man, if you ditch it you would prob regret it big time.

    The only major gripe i found with the virus is that I much prefer not to use it as an audio interface for certain reasons of my own taste, I would definitely keep the apogee duet man.

    Ben -Prolodic

    Hey Dave glad to have you on board!

    I've not had a chance to check out your productions yet, I'm actually at work just now but when i get home I'll check out your link for sure!!

    It's always good to hear what other people are up to :D

    You can here what I've been up to here:

    If your a member feel free to add me!!

    Take it easy

    Ben - Prolodic

    Yeah that would be pretty cool i totally agree, i really like the new VC GUI but i also really liked the old one too.

    Look at reFX Nexus and all the skins that has, thats cool.

    If Access done a similar thing and brought in skins for users to download it would be well sweet.

    I wouldn't bother with user skins though coz more often then not they just look complete shit. Well saying that I suppose user skins could be submitted to access and if they are genuinely cool (which I'm sure some would be), Access could give the thumbs up.