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    Hey lads, yeah that was made with the Virus.. finally got it working.
    Just trying to find some nice pad presets

    Hey guys,

    I am 28, I guess im a bit of a late bloomer but I love music. I have been putting this off for years because I was busy but I realised I would never truly be happy if I could not make music as a hobby.

    Here are some tracks I have done. I started about 3 years ago and just stopped and I just reinstalled everything a couple days ago. Here it goes again.

    I used mostly the virus and sylenth1

    Boys the upgrade to the latest beta fixed it. 3 years of the unit being idle is finally in use. I can finally start to make music again. I always could but I think I just sulked that $1400 AUD was just waisted and I stopped making music :(. I will stick with it this time.

    Oh and on another note, after I get everything sorted, my laptop decided to die on me. It wont boot. Seems the SSD/Hard drive has lost it.

    Sigh.. Technology.....

    Thanks for all the responses by the way.

    G'day guys,

    I purchased my Access Virus Ti Snow about 3 years ago and I really tried to get it working but was basically handballed back and forth from Ableton and Access at the time.

    The closest I got to using the Virus was around the time I purchased it, however the sound was cracking and popping and I gave up as I was in the army at the time and I just got really frusrated and stoped making music (I know I should have not given up as I lost 2 years of being creative).

    I decided that I love making music and I need to get this working so I can carry on forwards.

    • I have since upgraded my laptop. My current specs are > Intel 7 2.50GHz > RAM: 16GB > Windows 10 64bit.
    • I have updated my Virus TI Snow to the latest drivers.
    • I have installed Ableton 9 (Trial for now until I can at least get everything work) - Previously had Ableton 8
    • I am running a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

    Presently, when I try to drag the Virus Control into Ableton it says 'no virus connected'. - I have tried turning the power off etc.

    When I had my custom VST folder, the plugins were not even showing up. I will attach some photos.

    I have decided to get it another go as prior I was in the the army and going through some rehab.

    Here I am again and I still cant get it to work. I even went in to producing shop in Brisbane and they did try but pretty much said you need to work it out yourself.

    I have done the following.

    - Installed the latest version of Ableton 9 64 bit (just on a trial at the moment) - I own Ableton 8 but I thought perhaps it would work with the 9 (no luck yet).
    - I have installed all the latest drivers on the Acess Virus Snow which is running
    - I am running Windows 10 64 bit

    I really need some help to once and for all get this set up.

    Many, many thanks advance



    G'day mate,

    I am indeed still using the scarlet soundcard. I have not tried another DAW to be honest. I have used Ableton in the past and paid an arm and leg for it back 2 years ago. I have tried plugging in the USB only.

    The current firmware i am using is

    It recognises it when i have the virus control centre open. It says status "OK".

    Hey guys, so basically I bought the virus ti snow about 2 years ago and I was unable to get it to work. I was convinced it was my laptop, and I had posted here back then and tried a few times over and over without success. I know its hard to believe and you may ask me why I gave up. I really could not get it to work. I had all this amazing plugins and hardware and monitors and I was using ASIO4ALl through my laptop speakers LOL. Talk about waste of money. I also suffer from chronic pain which may have influenced me back then on giving up. Anyway I really want to get this working, I see no reason why it shouldn't. Back then I could not get my latency samples down to 512 without the sound being absolutely terrible (crackling etc). I finally bought a new laptop which cost me $3500 AU. I got a MSI GS70 6GB. I also have a scarlet 2i2. I just cant get it to work. 2 years back I had the issue with the latency, which I still do when I try to run instruments through ableton that come with it. I cant run it at 512 without it being distorted which makes me assume that I would have the same issue with the Virus ti snow once I get it work. This leads me onto the next point, every time I try run the virus ti snow after having installed everything, it says its not connected :(. It is connected and its still not working. To be honest the hard part is getting everything to work. I think making the music is the easy part!! (for me anyway). Anyway would greatly appreciate help.

    Thanks guys.

    Every time i try to add another midi track so i can use the snow for other sounds eg, lead, pluck, bass etc.. it says i cant add anymore?

    Only seems to work with the 1 midi track

    For instance i can add heaps of nexus2s and slyenths1

    any ideas lads?


    PS For those who remember i ended up getting the Snow to work on my computer with ASIO4ALL as i wasnt able to get the snow to run on the 512 samples.
    Anybody else run the snow on ASIO4ALL?

    Ariyahn, Re. ASIO4ALL, its configuration window shows you all the available WDM drivers, hopefully, your Focusrite is one of them:
    [Blocked Image:]
    Re. bracket USB ports, you might have them already installed as the USB ports on the front side of your PC, or the ones on the expansion slots (near where your video card is, as opposed to where you connect the network cable). I just though when you said you are "building a new PC" that you were actually doing it with your own hands ;-). Anyway, the USB ports do matter, because USB3 backward compatibility is not straight forward with many vendors, and some ports share their root hub with on-board devices which give the Virus a hard time. Alternatively, you can disable some of those devices from the BIOS or Device Manager.
    Hope this helps.

    So basically man i need to get the 2i2 its own port? for the
    .usbport.sys to improve? Also its soo weird but sometimes ive got sound
    coming from the monitors sometimes i dont? its really odd. But ill
    update the BOIS - but i have all ready updated all these things but ill c
    if anything is outdated.
    For the momment the ASIO4all is running on
    512 samples, but yesterday i wasn't getting sound seems to work
    sometimes sometimes it doesn't.

    have you tried running VC in something other than Ableton?.. there may be a host ton of issues due to that...
    my 2c.. try mini host.. ( its freeware and will allow you to run the Snow through VC.. if there are no problems there, then start again with Ableton

    Ok - I'll try that and let you know how i get on..

    I have tried VC in Ableton & Fruity Loops, but what I'm trying to convey is if you forget about the VC and virus for a moment, even sylenth1 wont run on the 256 samples or 512..

    What's ironic is.. I had the ASIO4ALL running, i was getting sound from my monitors, then all of a sudden i couldn't get sound again from the monitors? Its just a bloody headcase this shit ay :(!

    Nevertheless will try this tomorrow .. I've got the virus back in its box for the moment because if i cant get sylenth1 or massive, or any software vst plugin working on low latency.. then there is no hope for a hardware synth you know what i mean? :)

    Things you can still do with your current setup:
    Use USB2 ports instead of the USB3 ports, furthermore, use the "bracket" USB ports - the ones that connect to a header on the motherboard, and don't connect anything else to the same bracket.
    Use ASIO4ALL instead of the Focusrite ASIO drivers - this may lower the functionulity of the soundcard, but may put you more in control of the buffer size.
    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the suggestions, just quickly would the USB's make a difference? Because at the moment I am not using any hardware VST's they are all software - with the same problems. ASIO4ALL - Good idea, I actually attempted this today. Yes I was able get down to 256 samples, however I could not seem to get the sound to come out of my monitors rather it was coming out of my 21inch 'monitor' screen instead. Also when you say use the 'bracket' USB ports, im not sure what you mean here - would that involve opening it up? God forbid hopefully not thats really my thing.
    Anyway, should the ASIO4ALL be able to come out of my monitor speakers which is connected via the sound-card?

    danny, are you in touch with access support by email?

    Hi Mac, i am indeed. I had been before, however I've opened a new ticket. - Lets see how that goes.

    OK, so some of you may seen my question a few months ago.

    So I've bought the virus snow.. I have had it for 4 weeks now and ive packed it back into its box. I have not used it yet due to not being able to set it up properly.

    My PC specs at the moment are the following:

    Intel Core TM i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHZ 3.06 GHz
    RAM: 8GB
    64 Bit Operating System
    Running Windows 7 Ultimate
    My Motherboard is a Gigabyte X58-USB3

    So basically I've tried everything to get my production running at 256
    samples or even at 512 so that my access virus snow would work, but i
    just cant seem to get it down to those low samples. If i do, there are
    crackles and all sorts of crazy st*t. What's upsetting is I've stopped
    making music for the past month because I just want to fix the problem.
    I've tried everything from emailing Focus-rite and virus and even
    Ableton with no success they kinda all just pass it on "There is not a problem with the DAW, or there is a not a problem with the Virus" - Yeah i know that but i need a hand :(

    Im lstarting to believe that the problem lies within the computer, maybe its
    the motherboard or something frustrating that just doesn't work well
    with DAWs and music in general. (oh and Ive tried updating all sorts of
    drivers from the motherboard, to the sound card, to the USU drivers) -
    with no prevail. Ive DPC latency checks, ive sent Ableton reports to Ableton itself..

    My question is, Im going to start fresh and build another computer(only because i feel i have no other choice right now????) and
    pray to god that everything works fine (cant afford a MAC i dont think)
    and try use parts from my current computer like perhaps the i7 and the
    RAM and my video card which is decent and build it this time ensuring
    that it will work on low samples so everything works with my setup.

    Can anybody advise me on my options and what to do? And or help me build
    something that will most certainly work whilst using some of my current
    hardware in my current PC. I think the motherboard has to go? and get
    something that other people have no issues with?

    ive also fixed the (@OP, Windows 7 has Core Parking Enabled by default. Follow Kermit the Frog's steps in the vid & Disable Core Parking.) ALL CPU's are running.


    I tried it in ASIO mode again and it just doesn't want to move from 442 buffer rate please have a look below
    View image: 442

    Below is a photo of it running smoothly without ASIO with software instruments.

    Thanks in advance guys.



    Hey guys thanks for the response..

    Yeah thats what i thought the PC isnt to bad i mean its only a year old.

    I'm in touch with the Focusrite there getting me to do a few things.. just the response times are really bad ive had the Snow sitting here for about 7 days now.. but anyway I wont give up just yet.. I wanna avoid buying a new rig... bloody so much this music producing ay lol :)

    Still no luck boys, tried everything you suggested. Driving me nuts. Only thing that i have not tried to do is a new USB cable (but like i said other VST plugins do the same thing, choppy, distortion crazy sounds at the buffer rate) - so its not just the snow, and obviously software vsts dont need usb cables.. so i still believe its a problem within the computer .. but god dam that ill have to go buy another one from ebay or something.

    It is possible my computer needs an upgrade? more RAM or something??