How do i add more midi tracks?

  • Every time i try to add another midi track so i can use the snow for other sounds eg, lead, pluck, bass etc.. it says i cant add anymore?

    Only seems to work with the 1 midi track

    For instance i can add heaps of nexus2s and slyenths1

    any ideas lads?


    PS For those who remember i ended up getting the Snow to work on my computer with ASIO4ALL as i wasnt able to get the snow to run on the 512 samples.
    Anybody else run the snow on ASIO4ALL?

  • The difference between nexus2s and slyenths1, and the Virus, is that the Virus is not a softsynth. I is a plugin that act as a front end for your hardware unit. You can load another front end only if you have another unit... But the Virus itself is multitimbral, so you can route more than one MIDI track to it (4 max. with the snow) on different MIDI channels that correspond to the parts holding the patch. The exact way you do the routing depends on your DAW.
    PS Glad to hear ASIO4ALL works for you.

  • What DAW do you use...? If it is Logic Pro, I am happy to make a screencast for you that shows you how to add 16MIDI tracks easily.

    You add the Virus as a plug-in, and then simply add up to 15 additional tracks (16 in total) that correspond to the channels in Virus control. This allows you to have 16 patches loaded, one on each MIDI track.