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    Hi Marc , It will be great if Access take this opportunity to develop official new UX/UI MIDI only plugin version with file management support 4k monitor. Separate the audio driver for the sound card and firmware updates. Just have users pay for the new plugin in order to support the development process.

    You might want to try and reset the virus (read the manual for the correct procedure for Snow, disconnect all cables...) I also recommend to start it before turning on the mac.

    why do you think so?

    as for the noise, make sure that input boost is down to zero.

    Hi Marc,

    Not sure if the original post having the same issue but in my case I was getting strong buzz noise (monitoring trough daw inputs), lowering the gain sensitivity input didn't help and the Boost is set to off.

    I just performed hardware reset and no change, this noise is just happen when using core audio as the input driver on my end, in fact I only recently discover this issue, normally I use external audio interface and never really used the virus ti as a sound card.
    Maybe uninstalling driver would help?

    Audio file with buzz noise:…6/#RX_9uOKurDPSGUl4nPxNOA
    * When passing the audio signal using the virus input thru it's sounds fine.


    I read somewhere online that the bit accurate is a specific driver developed for hardware to be more efficient.
    At that time I was getting some noises from virus inputs when using the audio core in my DAW, switching to bit accurate solve this issue for me.
    (* I don't get same noises when it's selected as core audio on the mac)

    I recently had the opportunity working with the MiniNova synthesizer, it uses the MiniNova Librarian software to organize banks & sounds and using the System Exclusive, very similar to the TI VST. One thing that stood up for me was how simple it was to recall, save, send and organize individual sounds or banks (adding bank description) between the computer/synth without using any DAW.

    Would Access might consider adding their own VST librarian management tool to be part of the Virus Control System application?
    * It will be nice to have the ability for adding description for sound/bank too.

    I believe that it will be beneficial for all users to be able to just organize new banks, streamline sound design process and in live situation.

    Thanks :thumbup:

    Some tips:

    • Connect Virus directly into Mac usb port
    • Try using the "Access Virus TI (Bit Accurate)" audio driver under your DAW, that solved lots of sync issues and audio input support for me
    • If you are using the virus as sound card under Mac use the "Access Virus TI (Core Audio)" for system output device
    • Always start your DAW after virus is on and Wait for the virus to sync and load CV before playing song
    • If you using logic pro make sure that the sample rate is matching the one on the virus (best to use a template with the same audio settings...)
    • Sometimes it's the USB cable, I had a few that didn't work well

    Mystery Islands midi plugin works pretty well and they have good support. I used it few times for midi sessions... but most of the core sound design was done using the virus control and transfer back to synth buffer or saved into bank.

    - latest os updated ( from Access is working great! I less use the midi route.

    Thanks for sharing really nice article. It's really cool that Access still provide support and updates for theVirus TI, especially when the low-level Assembly language is probably hard to write and maintain.

    Roland, Moog (, Novation and other companies developed midi plugins/ ipad apps.


    • Wold be great to have additional wave tables to get different sounds
    • Have a cleaner GUI that can scale up or down similar to U-HE Apps
    • Have a separated AMP envelop per oscillator + volume controller for each
    • ARP step sequencer similar to Z3TA+ (iPad app) which can load user midi file and have lots of built in ready to use midi sequences (it's really time saver and helpful when designing new sounds)
    • More options to Waveshaping oscillator similar to Z3TA+
    • Adding mute button for each oscillator

    It's weird that the company couldn't develop a stand alone support for the sound editor, be able to chose between Midi or Audio + Midi. I believe that the company that created the hardware is that only one that could ever support users with new/updated features, usability and accessibility and the use of the DSP power to its maximum.

    It will be extremely helpful to program new sounds using iPad/MAC, something which include a simple matrix step sequencer (Reason like), bank and sounds management system (export to midi files), use for backups and visual mixer for all 16 slots with (play stop and additional virtual micro knobs support) . I mean you have a usb connection why not to use it for best of both world? I believe this was the main goal when you have develop the virus technology in the first place...

    I wish for:
    - Deedicated Amplifier envelop support per oscillator
    - Custom user OSC wave support

    Adding TI2 setup El Capitan using hub:

    • Use USB 3 hub (i'm using HooToo) and connect it to the usb 3 port on your mac (fastest usb port to faster device)
    • Connect the virus to the lower hub port (usb3 hub will split into older usb types you can tell by going into about this mac system report)
    • Power virus before lunching your daw (if you getting midi error just rescan your midi devices and try to reload the daw)
    • Wait for the system plug in to fully load
    • Depending on the daw you might need to hit stop button twice in order to be in sync
    • Tip use the digital audio out it might have a better recording time
    • Connect your audio card to it's own usb mac output
    • Tip - disable the "put hard disk to sleep" under system preferences > energy saver