TI2 Buggyness

  • I literally cannot stand the bugginess of this synth via USB. I would possibly put it as being the buggiest/most unreliable piece of electronic equipment i have ever owned!

    Think i'll consider bouncing down any audio (if this piece off shite will let me that is) and sell it!

  • If you decide to give it away for free, please pm me :)

    Jokes aside, if you have followed the best practices (such as updated software, correct and good quality cabling, dedicated USB port via dedicated PCi port, fairly recent computer, compatible and updated DAW and OS, fair distribution of the synth RAM etc) and still have issues. you may want to consider a midi only solution. I've had my TI2 since May 2010 and although it does have its hiccups, its perfectly workable and i'm still in love with it.

    You shouldn't have major issues. If you elaborate a bit more on your issue we may be able to help you.

  • Well the most common problem happens when loading up/resuming previous projects, quite frequently i'll load a song up and the Virus software loads and virus configures etc but there simply won't be any sound at all. I then have to go through the practice of turning it off/coming out of logic, restarting etc etc. Finally there may be sound, but its quite a slog! When i use it to record audio only its always solid though and of course sounds great! Its just this issue that frustrate me!

  • This may or may not be a hardware issue. I'm a Windows user so I will be of limited help. So the TI software loads and you still getting no sound? Maybe contact support to report your issue.

    I would however try the following just to get more information about the error:
    1. make sure that when the unit is on and no sound comes out, that sound actually comes out directly from the headphone output of the synth
    2. how does the synth behave without DAW?
    3, check your virus outs options vs your logic configuration (usb or jack?)
    4. check ALL outs - maybe it's something with a specific out.

  • When my Cubase is running and I decide to launch TI2 VST and plug my TI USB into my computer, it freezes my whole computer = hard reboot

    My workaround this is to have everything plugged and powered up into my computer before I launch Cubase.

    Yes from time to time I do get the "no sound" situation and I have to power down and then up my TI2.

  • I have previously been incredibly frustrated about the TI. It would constantly be out of sync to the point where it was not usable for using with a DAW. I would play it with the keyboard and it would sound great, but even bouncing audio would be so far off in terms of tempo that every little sound would require manual fixing afterwards. I have a fast Mac Pro and follow all guidelines for the setup and it still doesnt work.

    I recently accepted that the TI plugin is useless so now I only use it using MIDI cables with the sound coming from the Output 1. There is no more USB cable at all and I'm starting to actually use it in productions now.

  • Some tips:

    • Connect Virus directly into Mac usb port
    • Try using the "Access Virus TI (Bit Accurate)" audio driver under your DAW, that solved lots of sync issues and audio input support for me
    • If you are using the virus as sound card under Mac use the "Access Virus TI (Core Audio)" for system output device
    • Always start your DAW after virus is on and Wait for the virus to sync and load CV before playing song
    • If you using logic pro make sure that the sample rate is matching the one on the virus (best to use a template with the same audio settings...)
    • Sometimes it's the USB cable, I had a few that didn't work well