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    How has this seriously not been fixed yet? I'm sorry, but it really should not take 8 months to fix a UI problem like this. Hell, it shouldn't even take 8 months to recode the UI from scratch...

    If you're talking about the FL studio pitch bend notes, those only work with the built in FL studio sampler and some of the stock FL synths. It's a proprietary thing, and not part of the VST spec, so it's not something that other plugins will implement (Virus Control included).

    If you want the same effect what you want to set the virus patch that you want to effect on to mono and then change the mono mode to legato and turn up the portamento time (can't remember what mono mode regular legato is, but it should tell you in the virus manual) then when you want a slide just make the tail end of one note overlap the start of the note you want it to slide to (we're talking regular notes here not the FL studio slide stuff)

    your going to be able to glide no problem.. MONO mode 4 and arp to matrix to pitch, crank up the portamento and wallah. of course you have to set the lengths to maximum on the arp editor where you want the glides to happen with overlaps (legato)

    If you're making the sound monophonic you wouldn't even need to set the arp to matrix to change the pitch. I'm not talking about using the glide for pitch changes, I know you can already do that by making a sound monophonic. I'm talking about glide that will be applied to the output from the arp that is sent to the mod matrix, so that ANYTHING you want to modulate with the arp will have glide. (Filter cutoff, waveshape, etc)

    Unless I'm understanding something wrong and this is already possible via some strange backwards solution, in which case I still believe it would be better to set up dedicated knobs on the arp screen to handle this.

    I've just upgraded to windows 7 this past week and my UI is really choppy too, in fact if I've got a project playing in Cubase and I mouse over knobs on the virus UI (making the tooltip bit at the bottom update) I can see the playhead in cubase jumping a bit, so it's bogging everything down not just the UI of the plugin.

    Mine looks virtually the same as the video you posted but the lag is about 2x as bad.

    System specs if it helps: (this obviously should be running like butter on these)

    Core i7 920 running @ 4GHz
    12 GB RAM
    Win7 x64

    If there is any more info you need or you would like me to record a video let me know (I only didn't because the way the actual lag looks is the same as what you posted just a bit more extreme)

    what is this, a guitar amp now? lol. i dont think specializing in guitar effects is nor should be the purpose of this unit.

    If you think that stompboxes are only for guitars you're doing it wrong.

    The new arp to matrix feature looks pretty mint, but every time I see it I keep asking myself why there isn't any kind of glide between arp steps (at least from what I can tell)

    It would be awesome if we were given a way to glide between selected steps (either a checkbox/toggle sort of thing for each step, or full length steps always glide) some way to control the length of the glide would be awesome too.

    the exact reverse is true for me. i find the quality of the Ti many light years ahead, and can find sounds much quicker than with massive... massive takes too long to find a usable sound, especially for the type of music i am making - industrial metal. virus to massive is like a lamborghini compared to a honda... in my opinion, and i think this is still true for all genres because the virus pads just sound whey better and warmer.

    I make sounds, I don't find them :)

    I'm ridiculously excited for OS4. I've stopped using my virus as much as I'd like to lately because I'm able to get certain sounds a lot faster using NI Massive and a few other vst plugs, but I think the distortion/amp sim and the new filter types are going to give me literally everything I've been wishing the virus had (except maybe another envelope or two).

    You've been able to do that in other DAWs for a while now. People are more asking for 64 DRIVERS than a 64 bit plugin. Without the 64 bit drivers a 64 bit version of the plugin would be completely useless anyways, just as useless as runing the 32 bit version of the plugin via a bridge like that. Your computer still needs working 64 bit drivers for the plugin to be able to see and recognize the virus at all.

    I'd be more than happy with just getting 64 bit drivers and having a native 64bit plugin come later.

    Also the DA converters play no role in the USB outs at all. The virus is a virtual analog so everything it's doing is already digital (unless you're feeding it audio via the inputs on the back of course) so it's the digital signal that's coming straight from the DSP on the virus that you hear through the USB outs, it's not even touching any converters.

    the DA converters are ONLY used when you use the analog outs.

    It's impossible to give the analog outs the sample accurate timing that the usb outs have because the virus has no control over any latency caused by your host or your audio interface. You'll just have to set up delay compensation like you would with any other hardware synth..

    The reason the USB outs run at 44.1 is because of bandwidth restrictions, 192 would contain significantly more data, and you likely would only be able to squeeze one out running at that sample rate through the USB on the virus.

    You couldn't just say, sample the DSP usage every 50ms or so and then average the results from the last 5-10 seconds worth of samples? I'm sure you guys probably considered something like that already but I'm curious as to the reason why something like that wouldn't work?

    Timo, they could always just read the DSP usage and display an average for the last x reads or something. Doesn't make a difference if it's "too late" to display it. It'd be sort of like an RMS meter for the virus DSP. I'm sure access could do it. The amount of work it'd take might be more than it's worth though when you can just bounce down tracks once you start noticing voice stealing.

    The only reason I'd be interested in this would be that you'd be able to totally avoid note stealing when you're rendering, but the amount of work access would have to do and the depth of the OS changes they'd likely have to make wouldn't be worth the fairly minimal gains imo.