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    does the midi device for TI disappear? (use the audio/midi app in mac osx)

    I find that if the mac has been to sleep, and then I power up the TI, then initially the TI midi device will be present, but if i power up another USB device the TI midi device will disappear.
    (it appears when the USB devices have change, and so are 'refreshed' the TI midi driver dies)
    this can be fixed either by power cycling the TI, or rescan midi devices.

    this was not fixed by 5.1.0 (was present before), and Ive been told by Access, they don't support 'sleep' mode, so basically they are not investigating the issue :(

    a random thought…

    a few are now saying that they have to reinstall the 5.0.8 multiple times to get it work, have you tried this with the 5.1.0 as well?
    i.e. perhaps its the reinstalling multiple times that is 'fixing' it, rather than the actual driver?

    as I mentioned in the 5.1.0 thread, I always have problems when installing a new TI driver, often i just have to keep uninstallng, reloading the firmware in the TI, and then it will finally work.
    (yes, really an unsettling and unacceptable experience, but at least has worked so far for me)

    I'm using 5.1.0, so cannot tell if there is any difference... but unison works fine for me.

    I assume, your patch is not so complex your getting voice stealing?

    what I would try is...
    load init patch, and just turn unison on to twin, does it work? if so its your patch ... so id go back to your patch, and start reducing its complexity a bit at a time, until unison works.

    if it doesn't work with the init patch, then look to your setup, trying connecting a keyboard directly (so no computer/daw). if it works, then add the computer back in, but just use midi (so not virus control).

    basically, test in the simplest way, to make unison work... then start adding things back in, one at a time to see what breaks it.

    Im having a problem using input follower, which causes be to get distortion when the note being play is triggered.
    my test scenario is pretty simple:
    a) use an init patch
    b) turn input follower to L+R
    c) turn filter envelope amount to full
    d) turn filter cutoff down.

    now, create an input.. i'll use live but same elsewhere
    a) create a drum track,
    b) put a kick on each beat
    c) send output to Virus TI input.

    with a bit of adjusting of input follower sensitivity , and keeping attack and release short, if you hold a note down, then you will hear it 'pulse' with the drum beat.
    Cool.... seems to be working

    BUT... and its a big but, every time you play a new note you get a big distortion...

    Ive track this down, its due to the fact the filter opens full, and then snaps shut (depending on input follower)

    I didnt understand this at all... then i noticed that the filter envelope (which you cannot change as its supposed to be overridden by the input roller) and a very fast attack/decay

    So I then I did an experiment..
    I turned off the input follower, and then changed the filter envelope, gave it a large sustain.
    turned the input follower back on...

    bang, now I have a distorted sound at all times...
    So now I'm a bit confused....

    What should I set the filter envelope to before activating the input follower, so that it doesn't open up...

    I thought i understood the input follower, but appears I'm missing a vital ingredient :)

    thanks for any help


    some of us found that if we used 48000 sample rate, then when using Virus control, after a short while midi notes would start hanging.
    (this only happened when using virus control, i.e. using normal midi was fine, and 44.1k was fine. It appear somehow starting VC when using 48k sample rate would some how block the virus midi driver)
    ... big issue for me, as I needed to use 48k for other devices, so basically meant id given up on VC.

    ah, i understand, you want to be able to see the part...
    hmm, well the sysex list i have says that perhaps

    SysEx Parameterchange:
    7x :Parameterchange 70:page A; 71:page B; 72:page C
    pp :Part number 00..0F: Multi part 1..16; 40: Single
    nn :Parameter Number 0..127 (see parameter list)
    vv :Parameter Value 0..127 (see parameter list)

    and part number is: C123 g Part Number 0..15;40 0..15:Multi Part 1..16; 40:Single Buffer
    so to change to part number 12

    but I've not tested it, so may or may not work :)
    (these are derived from the VirusC, so some have changed... i usually verify by capturing the sysex from the TI and then verifying it... but i don't have time to do that - sorry )

    Fantastic!!! Thank you Access!

    Just loaded up 5.1.0, and indeed 48k sample rate does not kill midi when using Virus Control anymore - yippee!!!!.
    This has been such a source of frustration for me, so to finally have it fixed is just awesome!
    ( I still have the issue with Virus Synth midi device disappearing when new usb devices are loaded, but thats a minor thing by comparison, and i can live with it!)

    Just one small thing... (as much for others)
    I did uninstall as suggested, but still the firmware upgrade didn't work first time.
    Every time I do an OS update I have the same issue, which is the installer works, but the firmware upgrade fails, power off the virus, put it in firmware mode (exit), then restart the installer, then it works.
    Ive upgrade the firmware quite a few times now, and it always appears to be the same.

    I wonder, would it be better in the future, to put the virus in firmware mode BEFORE i run the installer for the first time... might this prevent this initial firmware upgrade fail?
    also... if it does fail, do I have to run the installer, or would running the VCC and an OS update do the same, since the new software is already installed.
    (this would at least mean i don't need to restart the computer again!)

    anyway, thanks again... fantastic stuff, I'll let you know if i run into any issues.

    details for others:
    Virus TI keyboard mk1, bios 1.03, previously installed Virus OS 5.0.7
    Mac OSX 10.9.4
    tested new VC, with Live suite 9.1.5
    sample rate 48000
    audio interface : focusrite saffire pro 14

    you'd have to play with the sysex messages, to see what comes out (its not possible via CCs) , i think it is probably possible though.
    but the question is why?
    the 'normal' (and default) solution would just be to have each part on a separate midi channel, and when you want to change parts simply send midi on the midi channel corresponding to the part.

    Theres not much evidence that Access are doing any more development for the TI, or even bug fixes… so I wouldn't hold my breath for AAX support :(
    … have Access ever said they would produced an AAX version?

    I really wonder if Access have decided its 'end of life' for the software, pure maintenance mode.
    Its a real shame, I bought my TI, as Id read about the fantastic support by Access, and how they continued to develop the products long after manufacture ceased. Yet that seems to have gone, the TI is still sold today, and yet the development seems to have stopped, issues caused by OS updates, take months to be resolved (if ever), new plugin formats not supported.
    perhaps Im being overly negative, just Ive not seen anything recently to contradict the above.
    Of course, Id love to be proved wrong by Access, with a new version that fixes outstanding issues, and supports AAX etc.

    can we PLEASE have an update on this... its really killing my workflow!

    I usually use 48k, so many things (e.g. Native Instruments stuff, Live, and other lots of other stuff I use) are configured to be 48k, this is normally ok, as I use my TI using USB midi and the analog outputs, where all is ok.
    BUT every now and then I want to use the Virus Control plugin, and I have to go around changing everything in the project over to 44.1k, sometimes to just 'try an idea out'...

    (it seems like a pretty important bug... basically fixing everyone to 44.1kHz, I a little disappointed its taking so long for it to be resolved)

    Is there an update that is going to fix this? when is it likely to be released?

    odd, it worked for me yesterday...

    im assuming to reset your main access password...
    when you did this could you then log into the forum, with the password it sent you?( i could)

    then the password can be changed from the account management, not the forum settings.

    bingo that is it!!!

    ok, so whats going on is you are now using an integrated login for and (this is cool!)

    I think this issue for existing users is:
    - the password is the same as it was before
    - the ( so new forum) has either not been set, or has randomly been allocated. (or something similar)

    there is a 'bug' on the forum software, such that, if you use your correct password, it logs you into int,
    BUT silently is unable to log you into the forum, as so you remain out of the forum.. with it saying login at the top right.

    If you do forget password on the login page, then this appears to reset both the and forum password,
    similarly, if you use account management on the (not forum) you can then change your password, which will affect both forum and!

    Marc, I don't know if your devs are going to be able to do something about this (e.g. set the forum password correctly?),
    otherwise you are going to have to put a notice up, to tell existing users to reset their passwords.
    (if this is the case, it might almost be worth resetting all the passwords, so users are told its the wrong password, rather than attempting to login and it silently failing)

    (I'll edit first post here.. to avoid confusion)

    Notes: this resolves my other two issues too…
    i) I can logout
    ii) I can change my password from the account management, on… (note its not an option in the forum settings/preferences which just related to forum options)

    emptied cookies, and cache, also tried another browse I don't usually use .. the same problem.

    what login window do you see when you click the link? … do you see the access website logon? or the forum logon one?

    when we click on the link (as royal and i have already said, we see the access website one) , when we enter our username and password there, it simply returns us to the forum page, and but still shows login at the top right…

    the only way for us to get in, is using the link we supplied directly, and then resetting your password.

    given no other existing users have logged on, id suspect its a common issue.
    (perhaps clear your cache/cookies and try again)