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    That's a probably plus, but the resolution of the digital signal via USB is rather limited (44.1kHz or 48kHz/16Bit) compared to what the TI2 uses interally (192kHz/24bit). Thus the Virus TI2 should offer much higher audio quality at the analog outputs, than what is actually possible from the digital signal via USB. Maybe what you perceived as "thin and brittle" is actually the additional top end crispness which is missing on the digital outputs.

    BTW, I find the 16 bit actually prettly limiting, since clearly shows degradation on low volume signals such as releases or delays and reverb tails when boosted or highly compressed (OTT anyone ;) ). Therefore I always record all the Virus sounds over USB at maximum volume settings just to have enough headroom for later signal processing.

    Always a wealth of info :)

    I have a Ti Polar V1. Thought there was just DSP update and paint job, any converter update you know of?

    USB limit would be due to spdif spec, would need to be AES3 for 24bit. Excellent point and certainly a vote towards some hardware upgrades!

    What makes you think the Virus has bad converters? There are quite a few users who prefer the high resolution sound of the analogue outputs over the USB digital signal.

    Or just record the digital signal...

    Well my ears tell me the converters were not as good as my Fireface 800 that I purchased at the same time as my first Ti, nor would I have expected such with the Fireface being dedicated to the task. Ti was a little thinner and brittle in the top end, now I use Antelope which is a major step up from the Fireface.. One of the best things about USB audio on a digital synth is listening to it through high end converters, if you didn't spend thousands on converters then the analog outs may well sound better. Op-amps and capacitors on the Ti board would have an influence on colour there too, I prefer the pure sound and can colour with other analog dedicated to that task.

    Was always one of the great points about Virus Ti having many ways to work with, for our individual processes.

    Good ideas though using the SPDIF (forgot about that and don't look at the back of my Ti very often!) for either better converters or straight to digital. Thats a good solution :)

    Anyone done any hardware upgrades on their Ti?

    Will have to bite the bullet soon and upgrade to a more current OS.

    Then will be using the hardware outs which will degrade the quality from USB pure digital.. So thinking I may upgrade converters, possibly op-amps, SMD caps?

    Looks like we haven't heard from Marc since October 2019...

    Let me give you a shortcut: There is none with the same feature set, especially the TI. The Waldorf Kyra and Iridium together are close, yet still not there (but great in their own right, I guess).

    However, Maschine+ is very cool... and actually a multitimbral standalone version if Massive, Monark, Prism, Reaktor and Kontakt. There’s still lot of missing features, and bugs to be squashed, but it is great fun.

    Thanks mate :)

    No VST control with Waldorf?. Had a few older models in the past , similar sound although Virus has less of a "sound" to my ears which I do appreciate.

    USB audio is an excellent option for Digital hardware synths. Then the converters are as good you main converters. My Virus sound quality has improved over the years due to converter upgrades. Delay compensated although Logic with external instruments AU, is excellent in that department too. Automation vs Midi.

    Elektron and the Overbridge environment would cover some bass's. Recall and VST control, automation and USB audio. Considering I use Maschine (V1 controller still, which will sadly die with Catalina update too) for sampling and NI synth control, which is nice indeed, I would likely look at Digitone, Analog Four MkII and Analog Heat. Overbridge is well beyond Virus control capability now, compatible hardware basically works as one unit, cool kit and Catalina happy! No doubt they will big Sur soon (great customer support! currently beta testing as stated on their forum..). Hardware interface not so many knobs is a small negative.

    MODAL Synth with MODALapp control. Don't think it's USB Audio? If its just control then no kext so should work under Rosetta 2. knobs!!!!!

    Control App for my Moog Subsequent 37 is basically faultless. No USB audio although its analog so still end result is still converter dependent.

    The future looks bright elsewhere! although expensive...

    Sad such a great instrument is now the ball and chain of my system. We don't need new features just up to date compatibility.

    I believed in you for so long Access, now I've all but lost hope.

    Communication would be your saving grace, if you need to discontinue the Virus line then do it. Stringing your existing customers along for years is way out of integrity, not to mention lying the the top dollar paying new customers. you used to be at the very top, amazing product and support, now your rotting at the very bottom :(

    Researching for a replacement poly has begun.


    Logic Pro 10.5 on Catalina broke Multimode now too. Now you can only load the Plugin in single mode.

    Just bought an expensive audio interface to use with the Virus, now it can only output one stereo channel! Fantastic!

    Rescan Virus plugin with 10.4.8, doesn't work in 10.4.8 (offers 25 channels which isn't going to work!) but... Now works fine in 10.5, yay!

    The Kemper Amps don't transfer any audio via USB. I couldn't find any USB driver at all in fact! I think the amps are simple class compliant USB ports and all the Rig Manager software is doing is simply transferring data to the amp.

    Ok well that's actually great (just device and patch management?), good sign we will have compatibility eventually and that they are making sure it will work properly not just updating the driver.

    USB Audio is also essential to my sound as it means my Virus basically has my high end converters not on board conversion and that's a part of what keeps it up to date in sound quality...

    I'd also be happy to pay for updates and further development, happy to prepay or pay a yearly subscription for regular, on time updates.

    Must be one of the best times in history for a company to release a new hardware synth too!

    I have some words back from Ploytec:

    In short they said that Access Virus GmbH already has the new driver code for some time now. It's would only be a matter of time before they would release the macOS Catalina drivers.

    I am the first to admit I was wrong about my above statements. It was my poor judgement and lack off information that made me think Access Virus GmbH wasn't working on the future of the "Virus Ti".

    Interesting... Anyone know if any Kemper products use the same USB driver? fairly likely and there have been updates since Catalina there.. Maybe sorting Kemper first?

    Had a little fiddle with the demo driver on Mojave. Haven't gone Catalina as yet on my Music Macs, mostly due to Ti issues.

    So installed driver (usb-audio.com_3.4.11.dmg) , restarted Mac.

    In HAL folder, change name of new driver to Virus driver. Copy name, delete old package, paste to rename new. Repeat for .driver and .plugin.

    Had a look in an external Catalina install I have for Audio driver Location and found a HAL folder :) in System/Library/Audio so guessing one should expect the usb-audio drivers to be there?

    In Logic only the Core Audio shows up and works fine which is a good sign as Bit Accurate cannot exist in Catalina, didn't get any 30 sec. beeps as advised when downloading.

    So likely Access just needs to pay for full access to new driver and compile a new installer? Plus any other bugs, hopefully that's enough for a beta at least!

    Hey Stefan

    Apologies didn't get notified (or missed?) about new comment on thread, hope you sorted issue.

    Basically its a memory allocation issue in a system file.

    Antelope support were very helpful and attentive. I'd drop them a line if you haven't already. Best you go through them in case there is something different with Orion software vs Zen air your individual setup.

    I think if you install anything from the software window in Antelope Launcher for Mics or afx you will change the system file.

    Let me know if you have any issues with support and I'll send some more info.


    Virus Ti and Antelope AFX2DAW cause issues with Ti software.

    There is a fix for anyone else with this killer good combo.

    Best to contact support from either company, cure came from Antelope to me however both communicated to find resolution.

    Definitely a positive support experience from both companies, much appreciated. Thanks!