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    Maybe I am missing something...I can find delay, reverb, chorus mix in mod matrix, but not that for there a way to do this (apart modulating the knob form a sequencer) ? I mean by modmatrix or a soft knob...

    EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED. It's in softknobs assignments. "Filter bank mix"

    We are in an situation in which Virus is 5.1.1 in Win and 5.1.3 in Osx. This obblige users to constantly upgrade-downgrade the TI when bringing the synth from Win to Osx and backward.
    This is totally annoying for users, and even worst, unhealthy for the synth itself.
    A "fake" 5.1.3 Windows release (in which only the firmware and software version changes) is easy enought to save us from this unpleasant situation and give us back a multiplatform synth as the Virus was.
    Thanks a lot, Acces :)

    THE REALLY annoying thing is that latest Mac release is 5.1.3 while latest Win release is 5.1.1 so if you bring the Virus from a Mac to a PC it will force you to downgrade, and than again update when goin back to Mac. A fake 5.1.3 PC release in which only the version number changes would be fast and easy enought to cover this annoying version mismatch which obblige you to go thru a delicate procedure everytime you change platform.
    I don't understand why Access left the Virus development into this state.

    Yeah Mr.Mowgli, this also is true. Being top of the line always bring sales, even after years. Well, me too I'm happy with it and shouldn't know what to choose for substitute if I had to change...updates or not, the way it sounds and the way you can program it with all features and fxs, all makes this THE synth for electronic music. Abandoned or not (as someone suspect), it sounds good :)

    I just suppose and think that at the moment the engineers are more focused on the Kemper Amp, or maybe there is a TI3 or whatever in their projects...but...stores have lots of viruses to be sold, many people is selling the TI 'cause of VC problems and you can find them on 2nd hand market at decent prices. Considered all the facts, if Access comes out with a new Virus or just abandon the TI2, those synths will remain all unsold (unless they seriously drop the price, but I doubt this will ever happen).
    This is why I still hope & suspect that this silence could be the quiet before the storm...
    Maybe I am wrong, maybe not...well...we are just chatting and supposing.

    Latest Windows TI downloads are 5.1.1
    Latest Mac downloads are 5.1.3
    After you Mac users installed the 5.1.3 version, when you switch on your TI, does it say 5.1.3 on the machine screen?
    I mean...the internal software also changes?
    I ask 'cause If you need to switch the Virus from mac to could have to downgrade-upgrade each time...and this is ANNOYING AS HELL...if that's the case...

    Ok, my Virus is back from repair, working well on my old config, I switched to the Overhub by simply adding the Virus to the first port of the there is a Virus, an e-licencer for cubase, Maschine mikro, a motu Microlite multiport for midi connected to it,
    My soundcard is a Firewire Motu Ultralite MK3, Virus OS 5.1.1 (the latest for us Win users)
    Zero problems by now on Win8.1 64bits...but I used it for an and intensive use will tell...I'll keep you updated :)
    Edit: I forgot to tell you that my Overhub is connected to an internal PCI->USB3.1 Asus card.
    This one:…/61t8zLOo-OL._SL1200_.jpg
    It needs an adapter cable.

    Yes, when I bought mine (2nd hand), I emailed Access support and they unregistered it to the previous user so that I could register it to my account.

    Yeah, shure! I'm still waiting for the Virus to be repaired, as it will be back you'll know from me.
    Anyway, even without Virus, I had some occasional drops in audio when I had all of my devices attached to the mainboard usbs, eve if my soundcard is Firewire.
    Now that most music related devices are on Overhub, dropouts are totally gone.
    I've no idea how the Virus will behave on Overhub, but anyway, Virus or not, for those making music I suggest getting the least on my experience.
    Even if the Virus won't work on Overhub and will have to be connected somewhere else, you'll have more free ports and more chances to find the right combo for it to work.
    Also with modern laptops (1 or 2 usb3 ports only) Overhub will give you what you story short: a tool to have around in the studio.