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    I know this thread is ancient, but I'm still having problems setting up Virus in Reaper. I really just don't understand the routing. The template provided, above works, but the problem is, it routes everything to the created USB1 track, and none to the USB2 or USB3 track. I'm sure it's something I just need to change in some routing somewhere, but I'm not sure what to do. Anyone help? Thanks.

    Okay, so I did this, and now my controller is playing the ML instead of the Virus. Not sure what you mean by "changing global channel on the midi KB. " I can pick 1-16, not some sort of global thing on this one. I just want to sync the time.

    you're missing the info that this has nothing to do with Virus Control.if all odd or even midi channels make no sound, it means that one of the two signal processors in the Virus has crashed. please contact support by email.

    If that is the case, does that mean that one of the processors is actually faulty?

    Currently we can jump to preset 64 by holding down the two buttons... could it be decreased to increments of 12 or 16? If you're at preset 124, and need to get back to number 2, that's still a lot of button pressing. Or, better yet, allow some sort of ability to go through the presets with a knob turn. It'd definitely make for a better workflow.

    1. Have the default be 'off' for part enabled. I suspect a lot of us aren't all making 16 part multis, and it'd be nice to not have to go turn them all off.

    2. Any way to do some sort of programming so we can not be limited to three parts when recording into daws? Currently, because of the 3 USB output limitation, we're kinda limited to 3 parts at a time, and then they have to be bumped down before we can get three more. If I have a composition using 16 parts, it'd be nice to just have them all able to be routed separately, so I can mix them at once.


    Hey, Access...

    Having had my Virus TI2 for a month, first off, thanks for designing one of the most amazing synths, ever!

    I've read a lot of the forum, and one thing I notice is that everytime people ask about the next update, or when/if it's happening, there never seems to be any response from Access, leading many of us to believe that support, in terms of updates, is done. I can understand the silence, in one aspect, as you're still selling them new, and who wants to buy a high-end synth knowing it's already reached the end of its life cycle? However...

    Here's my case for at least one more update.

    I get that the TI2 is pretty clearly at the end of its product life cycle... I really understand that. HOWEVER... they are still being sold, and people are still buying them, new.

    In the last two years, there have been many advancements in interfaces, computing, software, operating systems, and DAWS, and it's still clear there's some bugs to be worked out with TI Control. Also, many people have also requested some good feature additions, many, I suspect, are still possible and not limited by the hardware. Considering there are still people buying this synth, now, which is the beginning of the cycle for those owners, why not put out one more update, so at least those of us who plan on using this incredible synth for many years in the future, can have the most up-to-date and bug-free experience, possible? The USB speed is a good example...

    I don't think that's an unreasonable request, and it would make these next years even better for all of us TI owners.

    If you are really still putting some effort into an update, why not let us know? I'm sure there'd be a lot of happy people on here, if you did. It could also have the effect of having some potential buyers who are reluctant to go ahead and buy one.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Hey, folks.... having a strange problem with my Virus, occasionally. I have some 3 part multis, channels 1, 2, and 3, like default. Every now and then, for some reason, the Virus doesn't recognize channel 2, and I need to restart it, again. Any ideas?


    Hey, folks,

    Can't seem to find much of anything in the manual about output config, and I'm wondering if this is possible...

    I'd essentially like it so outputs 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 send out the same signal, so I can send one set to an amp, and another set to a recording device. Currently, if I'm not doing anything in multi mode, I'm not getting any signals out of 3 and 4. Is this possible?