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    Just the other day I had to take my RS7000 apart for re-soldering a pod...4 screws left over - I looked for missing screws - didn't find it is working I just left it as it is.

    But two brackets....

    Got this picture from a repair video - the left one looks like the support bracket for the lid - I guess it stops rattling as well :)


    Check the video - maybe you'll find the other one too.

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    Hi Chris

    As I do not use a DAW at all and as I find the Access SW not perfect to control the Ti, I was going for "Has anyone achieved this with the TI internally?" :)

    As far as I know it is not possible within the Ti, just workarounds.

    I do not know the software good enough to give an answer for your main question - I just use the Control Center to make backups.

    Attached you'll find a midi cheat sheet I received from the Virus team last year (it is also attached somewhere else in this form....)

    Even though it lists all possible midi controls - what you are looking for is missing. So if it would be possible it must be in the software as a macro.

    Sorry, that I couldn't be of any help and as I did not know how deep your knowledge is, I extended my comment a bit...

    Hi there,

    to my understanding, the only way is to use one of the 6 matrix places for every part used.


    - Slot 6: Source=Mod Wheel - Value = -64 - Target = Patch Volume

    Moving the Mod Wheel will now change all volumes at the same time

    My though: Bad idea cause you will lose the Mod Wheel as a manipulator for sweeps etc. and if you have a desktop version, like me, you do not have a Mod Wheel (or the one of your keyboard is occupied then).

    My tip: Use a controller for exactly the same.

    Two options:

    1. Use the source of "Controller 3, 9, 12-16" and address the values above (you might like to use +63 as value)

    -- Controller 3,9, and 12-16 are equal to CC 03, 09, .... so careful what the selected controller is doing to the whole matrix or the keyboard used

    -- I have a PolyBrute, where the ribbon controller is fixed to CC09. This would be no good for me, as I like to have the ribbon controller doing nothing else but manipulating the settings of the PB.

    2. A simple controller, where you can set the CCs to your taste would be the other solution

    -- and you can spare Slot 6 for other manipulation of the Virus by setting all parts to the same midi channel, and target CC07 (Volume) of the Virus in the controller

    As there are really good options for manipulation hidden in submenus, I would go for a bigger controller.

    Some examples

    - Panorama Spread give a great roomy spread, turning it down will concentrate all in the middle

    - Split or Serial Filter spread - I love this, Filter 1 one side Filter 2 the other (great in combination with Panorama Spread)

    - Cutoff Filter Link allows the manipulation of each Filter - Try it out for each setup, as it might result in loss of punch

    - Note Hold is great for atmosphere type of sounds. Klaus Schulze did not have Note Hold, he used chess figures of metal ;)

    To your last question:

    - I am still using an old Yamaha RS7000 - it has additional to the 16 volume controls (CC07) for each voice a master volume knob

    - Same for the MPCX

    - The PolyBrute works differently - it has two independent parts but running through one set of effects. It is possible to layer them, but you will have the same effects applied. But as said - it is a completely different synth with a huge matrix.

    Sorry for the many words ;)

    Edit: Another plus for an external controller - you do not need to program the matrix every time, as it will target always CC07

    Dear form admins,

    this forum needs a little attention, as there regularly spam coming in - sometime more than help requests.

    As the Virus is still in sale and as there are many new users coming in to ask for help, this forum needs a little clean-up, and maybe a more secure access....

    I have tried to contact Marketing of Kemper - the email bounced back as it cannot be delivered.

    The contact email addresses could also do with a little update.

    See below the current situation (just the overviews only - more in individual areas of this forum)

    Thanks for listening.


    EDIT: This thread can be deleted after reading by a responsible person :)


    An idea: use this box which allows you to split a keyboard =

    Powerful tool this is. I just downloaded the manual. Nothing for a newbe though...reminds me of my Bitsteam 3x - all needs to be programmed by hand - but you get what you need ;)

    Mentioning small boxes: Just today I received the CME U6MIDI Pro. It can "only" merge, route, thru put, and extensively filter data ;) but can be configured via a simple application for PC, Apple, or a mobile phone.

    There is an undocumented issue of the even channels - only uneven channel numbers are transporting arpeggiator midi data. I received it from the Access team, as I found out that I could not record sequencer (arp) data.

    I have changed all to this: static leads and pads on even channels and arp data on uneven ones. Having said this, I am not sure whether this helps you with your problem.

    Please Access this is all we ask for.

    Nothing else to say.

    I was hoping, that Access will finally understand, that they produced a milestone in synth technics. It has features for a long time, which are becoming a standard for current synths on the market.

    To foster this position - an update of the the software (this includes a stand-alone application) would be amazing.

    OK, you are right, let's call it the correct name: Polyphonic Key Pressure

    The 16 pads of MPCX can trigger exact these midi signals for Polyphonic Key Pressure - individually for every voice poly phonically - CC131. This causes the parameter change of OSC3 of the Virus Ti - not sure whether this was an accident of the Access programmers?

    This is what CC131 is for.

    My PolyBrute react exactly as it should - 6 voices individually ploy phonically triggered.


    I know there is a lot of misunderstanding about Key Pressure and Aftertouch (for the search engine here: After Touch too).
    And you will find a lot of information mixing things together - not only here but everywhere in the Web.

    Here is what the Virus (at least Ti and Ti2) is doing what:

    - Key Pressure (CC129) is doing the modulation as expected: Pressing a key or multi keys will do the modulation as programmed in the Virus Matrix

    - Aftertouch (CC131) manipulates the OSC3 setting of the Virus

    Very often, if people talk about Aftertouch, when they mean Key Pressure - or Channel Pressure as it is usually called (see Matrix programming on the Virus)

    So do not get frustrated (as somebody who asked me) if the result is not what is expected.

    For Windows there is a little program to remove unused USB devices. Windows has a very bad USB management.

    I use Nirsoft tools since the 90th (not only the webpage looks like from the 90th) - no installation required.

    You will be surprised how many USB drivers are "sleeping" in the Registry, or should I rather say - how many Zombie drivers are just hanging around....

    Hi, I had major issues getting my old Korg M3 connected to Windows 10 via USB just a few weeks ago.

    I found this little help page explaining what to do to get it to work.…Installation%20Manual.HTM

    >> Find the important part under: "Uninstalling the KORG USB-MIDI Driver using a tool"

    - Korg is having the issue, that the USB-MIDI driver MUST be one of the first 10 midi devices.

    - Maybe the Korg MIDI tool helps to solve your Virus issues too. It is worth a try...

    - You need to install the Korg driver, to use the deinstall tool to free-up a slot for the Virus.

    - First deinstall the Virus USB-Midi driver of course

    You find some YouTube tutorials as well, but they are tiresome to listen to - the official guide is better.

    Lioio is correct. It is possible. I use an old style controller (Bitstream 3x) to bring up all those hidden treasures in submenus to direct control.

    Find attached a midi cheat sheet I got a while ago from the Access team. It helped a lot for programming the Bitstream.

    For some parameters you need to set the Virus configuration to "Page B Poly Pressure" or it will not work.


    Vielen Dank für diesen Einblick. Ich liebe meinen neuen Tastatursynthesizer Virus TI2 Darkstar trotz der alten Benutzeroberfläche und der Softwareprobleme mit neuen Betriebssystemen. Es funktioniert viel besser als die meisten anderen Synthesizer. Ich benutze einen guten Hardware-Sequenzer Hapax und den Arp-Modus viel auf meinem, um komplette Spuren von Drums, Bass, Leads und Effekten zu machen. Kein anderer Synthesizer ist auf diese Weise erforderlich, um einen vollständigen Song zu erstellen. Wirklich erstaunlich, denn selbst die weitaus teureren Moog One und MiniMoog können das nicht.

    Entschuldigung für mein schlechtes Deutsch, da ich eine Übersetzersoftware verwende.

    Don't worry, usually people use the English language to comment on things...

    As you mention that you are working a lot with arps and sequencers - keep in mind a very special thing about the Virus. Got this after a support request:

    - In Multi Mode holding parts with arpeggiators - only odd-numbered MIDI channels are transmitting arp-data (1, 3, 5, 7, ...)

    - the even-numbered send only the normal note on/off data, basically good, (e.g. it i required that a second synth should send a lead voice, while the sequencer is running on the same root note)

    - So, both are good tools - but one needs to know it!

    Es gibt kein vergleichbares Forum (so weit ich weiß) und hier ist die Sprache Englisch - da es dadurch die größte Community erreicht.

    Trotzdem: ja, natürlich sind die Sound-Designer stolz über die riesige Möglichkeit, die ein Virus (insbesondere die der letzte Generation) bringt.

    Wenn du kein Sound-Designer bist soltest du die die Mühe machen die vielen kostenlosen Parts herunterladen und ausprobieren.

    Es gibt wirklich viele offizielle Single Parts zum herunterladen - natürlich alles ältere..... (

    Und da gibt es auch viele typische Synthsounds - Virus kann halt viel - sehr viel.

    Da ich nie einen Rack-Virus hatte kann ich nicht wirklich wissen was du suchst. Aber es gibt Tricks wie man die Virus B sounds laden kann. Es gab ein paar Änderungen die wohl ein direktes Laden verhindern (...nur Wissen vom Lesen der Foren und von einem CC-Sheet das ich von Access bekommen habe).

    Das ist ein original Zitat aus dem cc-Sheet:

    "Der Trick, um Sounds der alten Virus kompatibel zum neuen Virus zu machen, besteht in dem zweiten 256-Byte-Block.Dieser hat eine separate CheckSumme. Damit bleiben Bulks in beide Richtungen kompatibel.

    Es wird also nach dem ersten Datenblock (nach den ersten 256 Bytes) bereits eine Checksumme gesendet!!!"

    Ich gebe zu, dass ich das nicht auf anhieb verstehe, und mich auch nicht darum kümmern musste, weil ich es nicht brauche.

    EDIT: Wenn du "Search" als Suchkriterium "Classic" eingibst kommen typische Oberheim, Polysix, Arp, Moog, usw sounds. Abhängig natürlich von den Parts die geladen wurden.

    Any update on this ? On 4k Monitor the window is so small you can hardly see anything. To set down the resolution in windows is not a good option for my eyes.

    You are in good company -- all users of Viri or Viruses (?) are longing for an update.

    Funny as it is, it is not so much the OS, it is what makes the OS of a Virus work - a good user interface - as Plugin and !Standalone! ...

    But Kemper rather sells their - quite good - amplifiers rather than polishing a good product. Nobody is complaining about the synth as it is close to perfect for a virtual analogue synth - except of.......