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    I would be willing to pay up to $100 US for software updates (new virus control center, suite, full compatibility for the latest Mac OSs, and continued support for a couple years out)

    I bought my Polar TI2 over ten years ago now and have enjoyed it immensely, Access really did a great job the first couple years providing updates and tons of new features for free. So have to say thanks for all that! I understand that its just not sustainable for a company to be continually rewriting software updates for free for its legacy products. So yes, I think lots of us will be willing to pay for continued support.

    This being said, Access is still selling these synths at the SAME prices new that I paid 10 years ago... and still advertising features that will not work on the latest computers. This is outrageous. If I bought one of these new in 2021 and it didn't work as advertised with my computer, I would be livid.

    Access, please PLEASE listen to your core user base and work on some updates!

    Can you reset your synth?

    With the Virus TI unplugged, hold down the "Arp Edit" button, located under the "Master Volume" knob, and plugin the Virus TI. You will see two LEDs (BPM and Logo LED) start flashing back and fourth - this indicates it is ok to now let go of the "Arp Edit" button and let the TI boot. All factory parameters * will return to their original settings.Alternately, if your TI is off via the "Sleep" fuction (both transpose buttons) - simply hold down the "Arp Edit" button, located under the "Master Volume" knob and the TI will reset.

    Great setup! I'm curious about your mix/mon/rec setup here. How are you mixing everything? Are those line mixers I see in the left rack bay? If so, do you multitrack record... or do any analog summing OTB? What's your audio interface and how do you have the mixers connected?

    Sorry for all the questions, its just I'm aspiring to a setup like this but haven't really found the perfect mixer/interface workflow combo yet.

    P.S. Is that a JP8080 I see peeking out between the pink chair and the laptop!? ;)

    Thanks for this! The sliders are a bit crude but they get the job done, I always have my iPad running logic remote in front of my Polar now. IMO this is the best way to use Access TI as the plugin GUI is just way too small and Access doesn't seem to care about addressing this issue. Or better yet would be if they would release Virus Control + Plug in as a stand alone iPad app!

    YES!! Please! +1

    The virus plugin has always been way too small, esp considering all the features it has. I can barely read patch names in the browser. It needs 2x as big, or freely re-scale-able like Logic's native plugins.

    I just want to update here for any future users that might encounter this same problem.

    I had my Polar repaired here in Tokyo by the Korg Imports service center. At first, they were a bit baffled... said they have never encountered this type of problem before. But after some inspection and diagnostics they discovered there was a component in the logic board that controls the keyboard that had gone bad. Totally failed for some reason. They ordered a replacement board and installed it.

    Now I have my Polar back and everything is working fine! :thumbup:

    Fortunately, it wasn't the main board or the processors that had gone bad, but still, its rather bad luck having a component go bad... and on such an expensive piece of hardware outside of warranty. The repair cost me 17000yen (about 180 US dollars). I am fortunate to live so close to the repair shop that I simply hand delivered and picked up my synth in person, but I imagine if someone has this same problem and has to pay shipping costs to and from the repair shop.... well, you are looking at quite an expensive repair!!

    Three years later here, and this issue was never resolved for me.

    I can't recall what the exact outcome of my conversation with support was, but at the time it was just unfeasible to have my Polar sent in to be repaired. Since the keys totally don't work, I used my Polar as a desktop synth for a while and then sadly it was just packed away into storage. But now my situation has changed a bit and I would very much like to use the Polar as the centre of my setup again as a master keyboard (I have no other keyed synths in my setup now) and as the synth heart of my sequenced patterns.

    I am sending an email to support, but in the meantime, I thought I would just update here with the hopes of someone else having some new info on this problem.

    Just to reiterate:

    My Virus Polar TI2's keys do not work at all.
    They do no activate any internal sounds nor do they send any data over MIDI out.
    The Local Control On/Off option in the CONFIG menu disappeared when this problem started.
    There is no Keyboard sub menu pages at all now.
    This behaviour happens with USB plugged in using the Plug In / Virus Control,
    AND just standalone with nothing but power and headphones plugged in.
    The sound engine works fine and everything can still be heard with the audition buttons or externally triggered.
    The mod wheel, pitch wheel, and all knobs work as they should.

    I have tried all the following to no success:

    Soft rest and factory restore.
    Reinstall all virus control software on my mac.
    Reinstall OS on the synth (
    Opening up the synth to check the cable connections:
    (I am well out of warranty. I simply removed the 8 screws holding down the keyboard and slid it out. I could not see anything visibly wrong with any of the ribbon cables or their connectors. In fact, all of the ribbon connectors have a blob of hot glue on top of them and/or a cable tie around the connector housing to kept them secure, and the connection between the keybed and key's logic board is heat shrinked and appeared to be sound.)

    So, truly at a loss here. I guess some chip or something is burned out somewhere? and parts need to be replaced?

    If anyone has any new information, please help!

    Thanks for the replies Marc and thetechnobear,

    Even when USB is unplugged and I'm just trying to play my Polar as a stand alone synth, the entire Keyboard pages of the CONFIG menu are completely missing and keys are just dead. The video in the orig post of this thread is exactly my problem. Its as if my Polar woke up the other day and totally forgot it has keys. It thinks its a Desktop. :wacko:

    I found this thread on Infekted that seems to be my trouble as well:…2&highlight=Local+Control
    The guy opened up his synth and found the cable that connects the keys to the board had come loose!

    I have since been in contact with Access Support and Jorg agrees that its prob something physical, connection problem. He says I should open 'er up! I'm well out of warranty anyway so yeah, gonna take a look.

    Hey, I'm having the same problem now on my Polar TI2!

    Be using it fine with no problems for a couple years now and today when I went to open my session in Logic 8 … no sound…. no MIDI IN data. Ah ok, Local Control must be OFF in the CONFIG Menu I thought. I go in there and mysteriously there is NO page for KEYBOARD at all! It just totally vanished.

    Thought I was going crazy or maybe was in the wrong mode or something so quit out logic and tried just standalone with USB totally unplugged…. I unplugged everything except headphones. Restarted Polar…. same thing. No sound. Go into CONFIG and there is still no Page for KEYBOARD and I can't find Local Control anywhere.

    What the hell is going on!? Home could a system config menu just disappear!?

    Im running OS btw.

    Was this ever resolved for you?