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    The thing is money is the only language every company accepts.

    Therefore if you want to stick it to the man, the only possible way is to sell

    the synth and make a video review or text about it.

    I feel your frustration man.

    If it helps:

    A lot of companies pull a lot of shit like this.

    In the end, the only thing that helps is to:

    - Study electrical engineering.

    - Buy silicone.

    - Produce your own synths.

    - Die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.

    The problem is definitely on a bigger scale as a society as a whole.

    Look here:

    CONFIG/ "Audio Clock"/ Source = ? (is it on S/PDIF ?)

    Normally = "Auto"


    Just before (in CONFIG/ Inputs 2/2 ) you have "Source" = Analog

    I just reset the TI 2 via ARP EDIT, then I saw your post.

    I suppose you mean this regarding the video.

    I didn't change it to S/PDIF before and I didn't have it set now to S/PDIF.

    The same goes for "Source = Analog".

    I was advised to play around with a MIDI keyboard and see what happens.

    Which was quite strange, since I thought the most straightforward

    troubleshooting process would be to use as few devices as possible.

    I'll play around for now until I hopefully stop stumbling over any issues.

    If the knobs don’t react as expected, they might be in a different mode. The behavior of the knobs can be configured:

    What is the setting on your Virus TI2 Desktop?

    When you reset via ARP EDIT it is:

    "CONFIG button > EDIT CONFIG > Knob Behavior > Response > Jump."

    You were right. Sorry. I almost thought that this might've been the case.

    The funny thing is: Once you've set it to "Off" there is no turning back AFAIK except resetting it via ARP EDIT.

    Luckily a new error appeared. :)

    Plus I had the issue with fucked up sounds a couple of days ago.

    It sounded like when you load up a complex VST instrument and you have the buffer length set too short

    and you get these weird audio artifacts because the CPU can't process how much how fast is going on.

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    I mean I had a couple of cables connected, but they were going nowhere.

    I just unplugged everything except the headphones jack and the power cable.


    I barely used this:

    EDIT button > EDIT SINGLE > Inputs > Atomizer > Off

    EDIT button > EDIT SINGLE > Inputs > Input Mode > Off

    But when you ARP EDIT reset, Atomizer and Input Mode are already off.

    I wanted to use the Access Virus as an effect rack here and there as well though. =/

    Looks like a hardware issue to me - maybe an unstable connection to one of the flat ribbon cables, maybe something in the ADC signal chain that samples the potentiometers. Would've been nice to know if the volume pot still worked before you turned it off or if that one stopped responding as well.

    If it *didn't* stop responding then that's a clue that the analog muxing of the potentiometers isn't working.

    I am 99,9% sure that the volume knob worked always no matter what.

    The Demo Song and Prehear functions are known to crash the DSPs. Thus they should be avoided.

    I don't know what I should make of this. Is this harmful intent to provoke noobs?

    Regarding Windows 10:

    I installed the software on a different PC with newer hardware and Version:

    20H2 - 21H2.

    It might be possible that the compatibility dropped between 21H1 - 22H2.

    Plus I'm using an older PC atm.

    This doesn't seem quite normal:

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    So far the support tells me that everything is fine.

    I use Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2.

    I am not able to install the Virus Suite anymore.

    I suppose the support dropped. Otherwise

    I would've reflashed the device.

    So what's the next step?

    Virtual Machine with Windows 8 and trying to re-flash

    from the virtual machine? Could this work?

    I got the feedback that I should stop using the Demo song

    as it triggers errors.

    So I asked for a list of things that trigger errors.

    I know a lot of mental power goes into building such a device

    and I know it was supported a long time ago, but I also know

    that software like VCV Rack is a little complexer and crashed less on me.

    I also wonder if Behringer didn't clone this synth since they knew what

    kinda issues they'd expect if they cloned it.

    Is everyone experiencing this stuff?

    Am I missing something?

    I just wanted to play this thing. =/


    Yeah, I heard about cosmic rays messing everything up by flipping bits when

    you don't expect it. That's why older computers in space have an advantage

    since the die is further apart and stuff like that. Quite heavy stuff. xd

    Are you sure this is the proper recording? Sounds.... not as if it was recorded from the Virus.

    I downloaded and checked your previous recording in Cubase. The buzz cycle is neither at 50 nor 60 Hz, but 278 Samples or 172 Hz. Therefore it's rather not hum from a grounding issue. If it worsens during the Demo Song, an issue with the Virus sound engine seems more probable. If that is the case, you will have the same result regardless of the Output. Can you verify this?

    I am some sort of random-dice-rolling-dilemma when I "boot up" the Virus.

    Today I had no audio output in the demo song in one case.

    Then I rebooted the Synth and the demo song was working, but it ignored tapping BPM speed

    or the transpose buttons.

    I also was able to turn knobs and get visual feedback from the display but the patch ignored my changes.

    Did I do some sort of lock that I am not aware of?

    I gotta be honest here. I am not 200% adept to using the Virus like y'all.

    I ask the manual and ChatGPT for help or try around. I am not versed in the routing matrix or the sequencer

    but I know that some stuff here is seriously wrong.


    I have a budget Mackie mixer here and some budget cables.

    But the last time I wrote this post I had this issue when I connected the Virus to my shitty PC onboard soundcard.

    I know about the ground hum of the PC onboard soundcard.

    I should've mentioned maybe also that I recorded this sound with my smartphone, which explains the low quality

    and artifacts. I was in a hurry and just wanted to make a point, sorry.


    I also just read about how you get Output 2 and 3 only via Surround Sound or multiple Instances via DAW.

    So this is not really an option for me since I just wanna use the Virus 100% as a hardware synth.


    [Blocked Image:]


    Edit: Just found out the Limit to upload pictures on here is 1MB my picture is 998 Kilobytes big.

    998 Kilobyte > 1000 Kilobyte.

    Kinda strange math tbh.

    Had to use a filehoster for this so I'll delete the picture in the next weeks or so.

    Wait. Your Virus still plays sounds? When mine crashed, it didn’t produce sounds anymore and the noise was insanely loud.

    From what I hear on that recording and what you wrote above, I’d say it’s hum from a grounding issue.

    PS: listened to it again on different speakers. Is this recording heavily compressed? The noise seems to be much louder when no other sounds are playing. Are all the sounds coming from the Virus TI?

    I had one instance where the notes just froze infinitely.

    Yeah, I can play the demo or play something via the MIDI keyboard still.

    But the humming appears randomly.

    This is probably not a grounding issue since restarting the device fixes the issue

    but then it comes back.

    I don't think software grounding issues exist...right?

    No compression at all.

    I recorded this directly from the Acces Virus TI 2 Desktop to my ASUSTeK H81I-PLUS Motherboard.

    I also have a Mackie mixer that generates real humming/grounding buzz sounds.

    Either that or the cables.

    This is 100% generated by the Desktop TI.

    AFAIR this is only the case in SEQ mode, and Part 1 is always handled by both DSPs in case you have a sound which is very complex or needs many voices.

    I don't know if this is important, but I can switch between SEQ MODE > MULTI & SINGLE. I can browse through presets, but that is it.

    I also forgot to mention:

    I directed to this thread in the "Contact Us" Mail so there won't be 2 different tickets "floating" around.

    I don't wanna sound like a dick here,

    but I managed to solder a shitty distortion pedal which had DIRE defective contact

    six years ago.

    I don't think it would be such a good idea to replace a DSP chip on a 1.400,00,-€ expensive

    device. Plus I don't have an electronic engineering background plus the multiple times

    the manual the site and the rack-plate state:

    "Don't tinker on this thing." I know it is possible.

    I know that people do it, but I'm not completely into soldering

    modular synths just yet.

    Isn't this also SMD soldering?

    Which requires special knowledge, a cool hand, and expensive equipment?

    What Oli says. The DSPs are interleaved, meaning one DSP serves all odd parts and the other serves all even parts.

    Might be worth checking out what happens if you only use part 2 (, 4, 6, 8...) and whether the misbehavior stops. Likewise, worth checking out using only parts 1 (, 3, 5, 7...). If it crashes even with this separation of DSPs, there's a common denominator. If it crashes only on one set of parts then one of the DSPs is broken.

    Have you already tried re-flashing the firmware?


    I don't fully understand how I can use part 2,4,6,8 or 1,3,5,7.

    Is this somewhere in the settings?

    Do you mean physical outputs?

    So far no potentiometer is reacting to anything, except the volume knob.

    I also had issues in the past where I first flashed to the new firmware,

    then somewhat half-bricked the TI 2 Desktop

    and then I fixed it by cleanly flashing it.

    I don't wanna to anything to worsen the situation at the moment.

    If one of the mods or the e-mail response is to re-flash the firmware, I'll do it.

    Not good. High screeching means a DSP crashed. Which occurs rather rarely (except for some known bugs, like using Audition or the Demo Song).

    If the DSPs crash regularly, they are broken AFAIK.

    Contact Access Music support.

    I just called the support hotline from here:

    Which is: +49 2361 970 97 77

    It turns out it's the KEMPER Showroom Germany hotline.

    A nice bloke told me I'd have to write a mail via the "Contact Us" subsite.

    He told me I'd have to wait one day at least. I'll ask again if nothing happens

    'till the 11th of September.


    All in all, I bought this synth, and it seemed to work fine so far.

    But now over the last weeks, the issues have been adding up.

    I can't change any parameters, high screeching occurs,

    notes sometimes freeze infinitely.

    Is everyone going through this or is it just me?

    I found a couple of manuals and workarounds for this.

    But this worked only for one session or until I restarted the unit.

    This is getting quite painful tbh.

    Do I have to pay to get this repaired?

    ATM it seems all knobs are locked.