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    I'd prefer less conversions, and therefore less artefacts.

    Exactly why you use the USB, no conversion what so ever...


    To record the virus trough the analog outputs into my RME convertors

    Why do you want to do this? it kind of contradicts this.


    But what if i want to use my convertors instead of Virus TI Soundcard?

    To record analogue from the Virus it would need to generate the sound. Or, do you mean instead of using the Virus as the designated sound card for the project. The Virus still needs to use its D/A if you want to record it the old fashioned way but It doesn't need to be set as the project Soundcard to do so.


    if i had Virus TI Desktop it wouldn't be a problem.

    There's no difference except one has a keyboard. (Edit: the Snow does have other differences. I'm comparing the TI keyboards to the TI desktop).

    Due to the way you use your old equipment, i think the way the Virus TI does things has confused you a lil. In my set up, 2x Presonus Firestudios, Virus TI and other hardware, I use the midi ins and out on both Presonus AND, the midi ins and outs on the TI, as well as the USB to control the TI. All my hardware runs into both my Presonus, which is the soundcard for my projects. If i wanted to route from the TI audio outs it to the Presonus, to capture the 'characteristics' of the converters, it can be done, but i'm not the type to do this.

    If you want to skip the characteristics of the Virus converters but only the RME fireface, you'd have to do that via a bounce and loop back. But, remember, non of your other hardware has the ability to skip their converters, unlike the Virus using the USB.

    Ok.. I'm going to say it... Did you watch and read the correct set up guide? There are many ways you can use the virus but each way needs the correct configuration. First of all you need to know exactly what it is you want to do and why you want to do it that way.

    It will work.

    I noticed you are using Cubase, I'm a Cubase user. Any reason you haven't set up your other instruments as Hardware Instruments with in Cubase? Your missing out on a very powerful feature of it over many other DAWS. Do you have all those other devices going into individual inputs on your soundcard, with the ability to add VST plug ins to the audio your hardware would be currently streaming? No need to actually record it.

    from my experience you can get much more than 3 parts running simultaneously. this entire equation is much more about what you play on a part (how many notes do play in parallel) and also how the notes weave into each other, in other words how much release the patch in question has.
    by the way: unless we know how those glitches sound, it is going to be really difficult to pinpoint toward the root of the problem. could be a simple thing such as to much volume on a part as well.

    This is very true, i tend to save my simpler sounds for other hardware or VST's, with the TI doing all the heavier patches.

    Hate to be the bringer of bad news... but, one is lucky to get more than 3 tracks from the virus. It simply runs out of polyphony and dsp power, it can't play the notes. Having the 16 parts is handy for loading up different version of a sound for different sections of your track.

    You can set the priority of a part by right clicking over the d/m i forget which, near the track number.

    It depends.

    Probably best to describe your problems first. If it's conflicting drivers, latency issues etc, going through the PCI card, regardless to choice wont necessarily fix the problem.

    What are you trying to do?

    If you are trying to create another Virus part, you don't do it by inserting another instance of the TI in the VST rack. You simply create a midi track and route it to the already loaded TI.

    I'd also recommend upgrading to Cubase 8.5. It destroys 5 in functionality, features and work flow improvements..

    Remember when i was waffling on about IRQs, well apparently we can priorities them.…setup-jriver-media-center

    Pay attention to the Configure USB and Audio Hardware section... Funny how this is non Virus related and they too are going on about not sharing hubs etc but this is the bit that interested me.


    You may later decide to add the IRQ of the USB controller that your DAC is connected to and assign it a priority of 2 for example, to give it priority over devices such as the graphics card.

    I stumbled on this article fine tuning my laptop for VDJ and was like, ahhhhhhhhI I wonder. Unfortunately I ain't heard Mr. Crackless in a while to try this out (did i just say unfortunately, lol!). This gives us a step by step guide to priorities, something I didn't know possible til today.

    The latest drivers for my graphics seem to be playing ball right now so not causing the conflict but it might be useful for others still struggling.

    In cubase if you have asio guard on, you get tighter latencies for the tracks armed to record. I'd have to double check it applies to a hardware/vst type. If you have a decent CPU you can set the asio time tighter in any DAW. Mines set quite reasonable so I don't notice the latency to need to use the live button.

    "My advice is to use a soft synth to record your performance"

    "and any other VST when using the Virus simply as a midi controller"

    Kind of means that won't work.

    Can some one tell me who uses FF as the end initial of the presets. I have a few projects with sounds loaded from that bank but can't find the bank at all. I seem to have miss placed it when doing my reinstall over Christmas.

    Thank you.

    Must be a recent one.

    Quote from ChrisCabbage

    You don't turn the Virus into anything.

    Remember when I said you totally mistook my point... You did again! although my understanding may still be wrong. But, that's besides this point I'm making now..

    it was you that said you were turning the Virus 1.1 into 3.0. not me. When I said.


    you don't turn a 1.1 Virus in to a 3.0.

    This is exactly what I meant. The virus stays 1.1. but I get what you mean.


    Not what I meant.

    You totally mistook my point. I'm on about newer macs might not see 1.1 as important and easily handled so not giving it any form of priority. I'm surprised they even still have a USB port.

    What came first your mac or the TI???

    And, isn't it the other way round, you don't turn a 1.1 Virus in to a 3.0.