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    Your question is confusing but it sounds like what you might be on about is that you haven't set the virus up to be multipart. Does the Virus work properly with FL, last I heard the changed something. Have you watched the set up video? I advise you watch the set up video first then ask away.

    Cubase 8.5 User Virus TI1 here. Just upgraded and the Virus sets up even easier now.Previously the Virus had to be loaded in the VST rack for multi parts. Now as Cubase can have multiparts for a standard instrument track, loaded as you would a 1 part VST, workflow is improved.

    I must add, the simple lil feature upgrades in 8.5 made me very happy on the purchase. So much has been improved. I hated the new mixer when I tried it in an 8 demo but I'm loving it now. Midi editing has gone to a whole new level too.

    Simply put... Loud distortion should not be happening. I've had many problems with my set up over the years and this has never been one. Neither has the 2k in one speaker issue.

    I've had Mr Crackles and sync issues, the later being when I've been messing with asio settings. If your having anything more than the odd crackle every now and then, something is seriously wrong with your system. That been said, the random crackle (which can be avoided with work) is un acceptable on it's own.

    I'm on a Mac Pro, so can't really blame the motherboard for pops and crackles.

    You can if they decided to share internal path ways with the USB 1.1. They wouldn't expect a 1.1 device to use as much band width and require such hardcore realtime streaming... In both directions, with other info mixed in too. Most devices would be 2.0 or even 3.0 now, these will have priority with in the architecture of the board. 1,1 will almost be over looked and just shoved anywhere it will work.

    I'm tempted to say older models will likely have more 1.1 priority than newer ones.

    Wait up, hold your horses!!! I'm getting a new problem. I've not figured out why or what exactly yet... BUT! I've just bought Nexus and using this port when I play SQ, triggering the left hand loop, starts the sound/loop weird. When I go over to my other normal midi keyboard it's fine.The virus still plays in time, triggering normal notes fine but their's something funny about this port and the midi from the Virus going into it.

    It's like each note when pressed is forcing a retrigger instead of flowing on (it's a SQ part) and grabbing a weird drum sound from the loop, playing it at the wrong pitch, a lot louder. The problem is unique to these ports and only starts to happen after a few loops of a freshly opened project. Haven't managed to undo it in a project yet. Simply pressing the notes on the other keyboard and it trigger Nexus as expected.

    * It's all down to your MB, how it handles it's internals. If all MB's were the same these problems wouldn't exist. One fix for 1 guy won't work on the next. It's up to each system to be tuned specifically.

    I'm now using the USB3 port but as this is disabled in the Bios (the NEC drivers were problematic even before), the port is working as standard. It's on IRQ 16, only shares 2 Standard Open HCD. The HCD has 2 Hubs and multiple ports. Only having to change 1 of the 2 internally connected USB devices to give the Virus it's unique Hub (not that that device was causing issues).

    And remember, a Test Project is an essential weapon against Mr Crackles. Quite often a time you think your tweaks have beaten him but no, you've merely pushed him into hiding, further underground and there he lurks waiting, waiting to unleash his snap, crackle and pop all over your beautifully crafted sound!!! I hope this is not one of them times.

    FIX FIX FIX!!! The Adventures of Mash!!! pt3 Mr Crackles the Return!!!

    It's always a good excuse to celebrate once you've slain Mr Crackles... I feel like Gandalf returning from beating Balrog, seriously levelled up! new knowledge acquired and mastering of techniques.

    My latest rebuild running W10, Cubase 8.5, upon loading my MR Crackles project (Crafted specifically and known for it's powers at conjuring the crackledy pop), sure enough there he was, in full force, as loud as before and more constant than ever. My previous port and fixes had failed me. It was a long night ahead, armed only with my test project and many assumptions.

    Go here...Control Panel, System Security, Administrative Tools, System Information, Hardware Resources, Conflicts Sharing... and Oh dear, your problem should present itself. I've presumed for sometime, it's not just about USB sharing but IRQ sharing. (edit: or type System Information in the windows search bar).

    For months in the build up to my upgrade I'd been reading about Cubase 8 and Graphics Cards issues, specifically nvidia (which I have). After making the above journey, you can imagine my shock to discover, IRQ 18, not only 3 USB Host controllers, some other hard drive raid thing but my graphics too. Yes my MB shares all 1.1 devices with this IRQ. I can imagine a Graphics Card being a lil bit on the problematic side when fighting against streaming audio, especially if drivers for it are already known for issues.

    All was not lost, IRQ 16 shares 2 Standard Open Host USB controllers, IRQ 17 and 19 Enhanced Host. Want to know how to find this??? Go in Device Manager, Universal Serial Bus Controllers, click on each USB Host Controller, Resources tab (IRQ) yes the number in brackets. (edit: Also try.. Control Panel/View/Resources by type/Interrupt request (IRQ) scroll down)

    Using the info from the System Information window, the IRQ number not sharing with another major PC component, you want to be plugged into a port, using a hub, that uses a host controller using that IRQ. Here's how, the simple fix!

    Go in device manager after installing the Virus. Disable the Standard OpenHCD USB Host that has the IRQ number you require. If the Virus disappears, you're in the right port. If not, plug in a different port, go to View, select show hidden, reactivate the controller and continue. Once you've found the right port open up each USB Root Hub, Power tab, locate the 1 with the Virus, unplug any devices sharing. If you're running out of ports to plug things back in, their is likely another port the Virus can use on the same IRQ. A port that doesn't share with that hub (although in tests I could share the USB now it's IRQ was unique).

    (Edit: If using a PCI card... this could still share in demand IRQ's, try a different slot. If using a 2.0 hub this will (I think) change the port to now use the Enhanced USB Host instead of standard, again using different IRQ's, potentially fixing one clash but opening another).*

    I'm guessing that this is why sometimes hubs work for some and not for others, it all depends on MB. It seems that a USB port regardless to which it's coupled with, uses different internal routes. Also the same port may use a different IRQ, depending on type connected,1.1/2.0/3.0 etc. As 1.1 is not seen as demanding or important by MB designers, they're likely to share it with other major components.

    A long post, yes, A long journey but for me so worth it... As I've said before, anyone with a Cubase project that crackles, send it over. I've tested this to the max, 16 part project, note stealing to hell, No Mr Crackles. Even armed with my test project I fail to conjure the wraith of snap, crackle and pop.

    I think the problem different motherboards get with usb 3 etc, is the IRQ's i'm just learning about them and my MB share firewire with the 1 of its raids. Which is a shame for me as my audio inteface is firewire and my system is raided.

    I also noticed that even though i'd managed to find 1 individual USB port (only sharing with internal ports), ideal for the virus, this same port happened to be the 1 of my 6 hubs (why that many?) that shared IRQ with like 4 other things, not good.

    I wish we could get MB's, that were high standard/quality with hardly anything on them. instead of throwing as much in as possible, stripped down ones. Usually the stipped down ones are the cheap one. I also wish windows had a workstation mode and a desk top mode. 1 simple click to turn it from a does everything to a designated, workstation. So many devices running that arn't needed. Even when you go through the lists turning things off.