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    Hello, I am wondering why when I A/B compare the virus beside any of the NI synths like Massive, Reaktor, and FM8, - who do these ones sound so thin compared to the Virus? They do not have that depth to them - after I got my TI, then those other ones just sounded like toys to me.

    But there are advocates for NI saying that the NI ones are as good too, but I really think they sound poor and cheesy compared to the Virus TI. Does anyone know why this is the case?

    I am surprised that arpeggiattor Note Resolution cannot be a modulation destination. Does anyone know why? One would think many people would like to all of a sudden change up its note rate of resolution at certain points in time, and not always fixed to the same value. Basically simply to be able to assign a mod wheel or soft knob to it at the very least.

    (nevermind... latency reduced significantly after I adjusted the pro tools buffer size. )

    it is a little more reasonable to deal with now.

    wow... i cant believe all these free amazing banks that come from Access (and also from Spectrasonics also for free in the updates to Omnisphere and Trilogy) - always free!.

    and yet Native Instruments has the nerve to make all patches for their very low grade Massive synth as 'soundpacks' costing upwards of $60. (from their own website, I am not talking about other sellers.) I can't think of anything more arrogant.

    NI is all just about the money. I am glad Access and Spectrasonics make the patches on their website for free.

    And also strange considering that Reaktor ensembles are free in the NI user area - ensembles which can sound even better than Massive with even better signal to noise ratios.

    The Virus as a virtual analog synthesizer is too high quality and far beyond the sound quality of anything else in my home studio (except for maybe my eventide rack unit and as well as my superior 2 drum kits). But I own all the main guitar simulator plug-ins on the market (Pod Farm 2, Amplitube 3, Guitar Rig 4, TH1, Peavey Revalver, , and have tried eleven, and all the other ones...etc) and none of them matches the high fidelity and overall quality of the Virus TI. And the Virus TI is not analog, it is all digital modeling of analog - but even better sounding than analog - like hyper-realistic analog or something).

    I am confused.. why can't i have the same quality in my electric guitar modeling as I do with my Virus TI synth?

    Can anyone please recommend me a digital solution for electric guitar for any possible guitar amp modeling product that would sound just as high fidelity so that it can match up well with my Virus TI modeling of analog synths quality? Because for my music i use electric guitar a+ virus + S2. But even with the best A/D conversion, there is no guitar plug-in that sounds good enough for a DI connection. I just got ampltube 3 because it is supposed to be the best but it is still noticeably below the sound fidelity of the Virus. Is there maybe a hardware equivalent in quality for electric guitar or does this not exist? I own a Pod X3 rack unit, but this is made of very cheap components and it is only a back-up for guitar amps live. It is a little bit too low end for me to use on an album release.


    Disregard my prior post based on misinformed forum knowledge across the web about pro tools. LOL. lesson learned.

    I contacted the instructor i had for my prior pro tools certification level 101 and 110, and here is what he recommended for a mac, but hes getting back to me about doing it on a PC:

    Open a Pro Tools session
    Create an instrument track and place the Virus plug-in on the insert
    create your MIDI performance on the Instrument track.

    Open up AMS via Pro Tools Setup>MIDI>MIDI Studio, or open from your utilities folder on the Mac
    Switch to the MIDI Devices Tab, and double click on the IAC Driver
    Check the Box that says "Device is online"
    Click the "More information" arrow if you don't see the ports
    In the ports section add two ports, one called Reaktor In, and the other Reaktor Out
    Close the IAC Driver Properties window
    Quit AMS, as you are done with it.

    Open up the stand alone version of the Reaktor application
    Load your ensemble patch
    In the System menu of Reaktor choose Audio+MIDI settings
    switch to the MIDI Tab
    In the Input interface section switch IAC Driver "Reaktor In" On
    In the output interface section switch the IAC Driver "Reaktor Out" On
    Click OK to close the box

    Choose View>Show Toolbox
    Play the Reaktor sequence and ensure the little MIDI out light in this box flashes to show MIDI output
    Open the Ensemble-Structure window and delete the audio outputs by clicking on them and hitting delete.
    Leave the Reaktor application running and Switch back to Pro Tools.

    From the Pro Tools menu choose Setup>MIDI>MIDI Beat Clock
    Make sure the box "Enable MIDI beat clock for..." is checked
    Check the box that says IAC Driver, Reaktor In

    You have now successfully linked the two transports together. If you play Pro Tools, Reaktor should play, and also will follow what ever tempo Pro Tools is running at.

    Now for your Reaktor to control the Virus plug-in, all you need to do view the instrument portion of the Instrument track in Pro Tools, and change the Input of the MIDI portion of the instrument track to Predefined IAC Driver, Reaktor Out "All Channels"

    Any MIDI data Reaktor spits out will now affect the Synth on that track.

    (Now I gotta find out how this is done on a PC.)


    It's aknowledged that NI's Performance Shaper is now "massively" used in DnB & Dubstep.

    This could be true, but I have no reason to believe it is meant for any particular genre as many things can be done with it in many ways.


    To me, such a feature would be the greatest implementation on the modulation side. As for now, I'm turning on my Clavia G2 to produce multipoint enveloppes or multisegment mods. Problem : the G2 does not have Unison. I'm wondering if any modification in the the Arp>Matrix feature could not help to achieve that. For instance, why not add an attack + decay to each step of the Arp?

    The problem is that there will still be complaints even if they make this mod, because it takes too long to edit a pattern with the arp step section. Especially after working with Massive's performer envelope/stepper, which is super quick. In order to get an almost similar pattern in the Virus with those blocks, it takes 4 times as long to do your pattern - i find this incredible considering there is only squares and blocks to work with in the virus arp/stepper. ?(

    High!..ive been thinking about it and i really miss 2 things in the arpeggiator section...
    First , is the glide/slide between steps...which is very useful....

    please improve the step sequencer/arp-to matrix editing because the shapes are limited to horizontal lines. The following solution would solve all of these arpeggiator complaints: what yoiu are about to see is a flexible pattern envelope/sequencer with curve selectors and shape selectors - possible per any step! - here is the pic. please make the virus arpegiator have flexible sculpting like this. at least for the matrix.…rent=MassiveEnvelope1.jpg

    I think the Akai MPK series keybed is the most Virus feeling controller.

    But there is a severe problem with the MPKs i just discovered in the store when demoing it again... the drum pads cannot hit 127 hard velocity no matter how hard you hit it... I tried to adjust the velocity curves for the drum pads, and even when i slammed the drum pads as hard as i could, almost breaking my finger... I still could not get high velocities... are they all so bad with the drum pads? they have no sensitivity to hard hits. this was terrible... i did not realize this, i just assumed they were the best ones out there in my previous post because they look ppretty serious... but when i tried the drum pads I wanted to hang myself.

    I therefore settled for a 40 dollar akai LPD8 which has much better pads than the much more expensive MPKs. What the hell is that? And they even light up LOL!!

    Actually, I found one!!!


    Now its just a matter of assigning it to a CC source input the virus. Does anyone know how do to this in a DAW? Because my midi input to my virus is my axiom from a midi track in pro tools.

    And does anyone know what controller 3, 9 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 are in the mod source menu of the virus? I cannot find any description of these in the manuals or documents.

    How do I access an extremely flexible step-sequencer mod source with different shapes (either in the virus or elsewhere and use it to mod the virus) to allow me to edit a multi-point, stepped envelope, or patterned slicer which allows for the steps to be curves, ramps, triangles, different waves, saws,half blocks, squiggly tremolo patterns within the steps... etc... available for any of the steps, or for the user to just be able to draw it out on a multi-point envelope and either have this act on the level of the virus or any other mod destination in the virus? But this has to be a very flexible multi-point envelope or step sequence with tons of options. If I cannot get this in the virus, what is a good tool for this to be able to assign it as a midi mod souce assigning it to some sort of CC and mod source input into the Virus to mod the level of the virus or the other mod destinations.

    Please help - this would be an ULTIMATE TOOL!!! If my options are slim, please do be kind enough to reccommend a proper RTAS plug-in for this. Thanks.

    Look for the Akai MPK series. But make sure you get one with sensitive pads. Because there is a defect with some models with pads not able to put out maximum velocity. But other than that, as long as you get a good one - this midi controller is by far the most professional on the market.

    Without trying to sound like im having a shot at you i wouldn't bother. Learn your machine, analyze patches that you like and make your own or edit the ones you like to make them your own. It does take time but It worked for me.

    What are you talking about? LOL. For you to believe that I am not already doing that is a very faulty assumption.

    I did do that, I DO do that, and I will continue to do that. I have done lots of modifying of patches, and have come up with some good customized sounds of my own! This is irrelevant to the fact that I am looking for another programmer who I will be compensating for customized virus sound design. Because I am more of the guitar player in the project. Its as simple as that.