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    This entire "polar" thing simply does not look right at all, especially in the plug-in color. (And i am a person who loves the winter). But this color in VC is not intimidating at all. Please re-design the V-Control plug-in to look much more intimidating.

    I would pay money for at least one soundset of very eerie sounds from hell to fill an entire ROM bank... in fact I would even pay for a total of 26 such soundsets to fill all my ROM banks with. I don't mind if Access charges money for such a rare and impossible to find commodity. Until then I will try to enjoy all the sounds I can find that it comes with. And modify the others.

    There are several of these sounds in the virus banks, but not as many many as I think there should be.

    If they are created, most of them should be musically usable, but at the same time Beastly. But not quite so "in your face" like the techno sounds, but not too "astrally atmospheric" either..... so especially great for metal and industrial metal. Because I find it very hard to make my own evil sounds from scratch... i can only modify some other patches' sound character but not too professionally. I am not much of a sound designer.


    wow, what are the odds. lol. your elemental set you referred me to was the first new bank i added before you wrote that message. so i still have to see what it sounds like and i will get back to you. but someone needs to make a bank of 128 Demonic Virus patches. i requested this directly to the company. surely this is the most ideal unit capable of such an accomplishment.

    despite the description of "commercial", that does not logically mean that it would make it legal. Remember, i am referring to their act of selling of audio elements belonging to Access. I am not sure if this is legal, but there is no reason i can think of for anyone to believe it is.

    I also noticed that there were also people illegally selling their own made NI Reaktor ensembles too when the policy and agreement is that if you want to distribute instruments or sounds you create, you are really supposed to post all ensembles you create onto the NI reaktor user library. Same with your Absynth and Guitar Rig presets. I'm still lost.... :?:

    For these reasons, I recently picked up a discontinued TI desktop, version 1 for $1500. it was still untouched and new in a box. This came to about $900 cheaper than if I would have gotten a TI2. I did not need more voices nor the 20% more power of the 2, nor did I need the less weight. Therefore it was worth it even now, after the release of the TI2 to buy the TI.


    I wish there was a soundset download available that had only evil sounds. Perhaps I shall pursue the making my own bank of 128. But does anyone know which of the soundset downloads available on the Virus website has the most evil sounds possible meant to layer on top of heavy metal or dark industrial metal music?

    The big trance sounds don't work for that style for obvious reasons... but some of the industrial type sounds are good in the Virus... especially the little twisted creepers.... but i need more. You see, I am looking for sounds from hell that are meant for a very cold and dark sounding project... but still modern to some degree... the best way to explain it is something meant for the very cold and inhuman feel of the Terminator movies. I want to add demonic cult-like vibes to complement down-tuned electric guitars.

    But not too atmospheric sounding... although not too big either.

    There are more than enough hard trance sounds in the Virus that are simply too "brazen" for me. The sounds I need more of is very hard to describe... they have to sound extremely deep without going over the top like all those "acid" sounds that are just too heavy for me.

    hello, my name is Vic but I will go by the name Zap. I am still a beginner at synthesizer programming.

    I bought the Virus because when I tried it in the store it had the most evil sounds out of all synthesizers I ever tried.

    the website to our music is but as you can all see I am a beginner at synthesizers... there are no Virus sounds happening in my music yet as that is older material... so I am still learning... many of those tracks will be re-worked. I am just a guitar player

    I am grateful to be a part of this forum and I hope experienced members can help me learn how to make evil sounds and become good at modifying my whole Virus so that the almost all the sounds will be meant for Terminator.


    My bad if a request like this was already posted, but I wish for the option to assign the arpeggiator pattern as a mod source to maybe the cutoff frequency or FM amount. The random LFO stepper is cool but it would be nice to have other patterns made myself.

    And also... the need for more evil sounds. I am making a style of music that will involve the use of very evil synthesizers layered on top of electric guitars.. so I am trying to find the most evil patches, but patches that are not too hard so that they do not compete with the electric guitars. But also not too soft or atmospheric either... very tough to describe the sounds I am looking for...

    In general, it is very difficult to find the right sounds to accompany metal music, but so far, the Virus offers the most options for me out of any product so far. So now I am making some evil banks.

    For a reference, (if anyone is interested in what I am talking about, please go download or buy the album "Obsolete" by Fear Factory. Very awesome accompanying synths!!