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    Every time I try to install my Virus it comes up with an error message 'Virus TI No Driver Found'. Can I download the USB driver manually and install it?


    @Marc what can I do? It takes almost 10 minutes to load every time which is soooo frustrating ?????

    Don't think it's the battery, it was fine until I started messing with the Ram patches!!!!

    I recently over wrote all my 'Ram' patches with my own patches. Now every single time I load my virus up within a project in my DAW the virus says 'Initialising Virus TI and syncing memory'. It then goes through patches Ram A to Ram D and syncs them all. This is extremely frustrating as it takes several minutes every time I load up a project. Is there anyway to fix this please? Thanks Aaron

    P.S I have messaged Access Support but what I did didn't help.


    Every time a fire up my Virus in Cubase it has to load up every patch in RAM-D (all 127). The message on the virus says 'Syncing patches with Virus Control (Ram-D)' It then goes through every patch and overwrites the ones that are already there.

    Can anyone help please?

    Just a little trick that get a tiny extra bit of loudness out of your patches.

    Add the ring modulator in the filter bank section

    Mix = 50% - Freq = 0 - stereo phase = 0

    It adds roughly 2 extra DB.

    To add some extra stereo width

    Add a comb filter in the filter bank section

    Mix = 50% - Freq = 0 - Resonance = 0 - Stereo Phase +180

    Good for dubstep/electro basslines.

    Take out some high end if none of your filters, EQ's are free

    Add a classic chorus

    Mix = 50% - Delay = 0 - Feedback = 0 - Rate = 0 - Depth = 0

    Now try adding some + feedback it adds extra bottom end to basslines.

    Little tricks but help me in my patch creations :)


    Any news on a new OS with new features?

    I love my virus, never really get any problems (sorry to the people that do have problems). I would love to see some new features. When I first bought my Virus there were loads of updates and new features, we haven't had any for a while!

    A compressor would be a good addition. Maybe in the 'filter bank' section, the freq could control ratio, resonance =threshold, poles & slope = attack and release...just a thought!

    The 'speaker cabinet' was a great addition, more models & an amp section?

    Another mid EQ would be great too!

    Being able to use an envelope to modulate the filter bank freq would be awesome too.

    Also to be able to change the slope curve in the envelopes would be great... :)

    Aaron :D

    Can anyone recommend a decent audio interface that works well with the Virus?

    I am looking to buy more hardware synth's so two or more stereo inputs would be great.


    Hi, So I've bought a brand spanking new computer as Access is no longer doing updates for XP.

    So I spend hours trying to install the Virus on my computer and it keeps F**king up every time!

    I've realised that I was trying to install it on a USB 3 port, and apparently it doesn't work!

    So I rang up the people who made my computer AND... It only has USB 3 ports!

    So what can I do now? Is there anything I can buy? Also does the Virus only work on UBS1 or does it work on USB2? (I don't understand any of it)

    I hope I can buy a pci card or something that has USB1 ports or I cant use my Virus :cursing:

    Hi, I have just updated my computer. I am running Windows 7 64bit and Cubase 7.5. My virus worked perfectly on my old computer BUT...

    I installed the latest OS (Windows 64bit), but it kept crashing when attempting to install.

    Then when it finally did install (after 5 attempts) I opened up the Virus in Cubase and this message appeared!

    A Communication error has occurred. The Virus TI does not respond to request messages or transmitted data is corrupt.

    Hint: Please be aware that the RAM banks in browser window will not correspond to the actual content in the device! Please check your system setup.

    Does anyone know whats going on, it was working perfectly before :(

    Try this...

    init patch

    OSC balance all the way to the left (so only osc 1 is playing)

    Turn Punch Intensity to 0.

    Phase init 1

    Porta 60

    Change OSC 1 to Grain Simple

    Select Formantera wavetable and put wavetable index to 0 (all the way to left)

    Pitch down 24 semi tones

    In mod matrix, set mod wheel to modulate OSC 1 shape/index (Source = Mod Wheel, Destination = OSC 1 Shape index) Slide slot amount all the way to the right.

    Add 'Hard Distortion' 100 mix, 0 drive, 50% treble boost.

    Key Mode mono 2

    Now play some keys while using the mod wheel!!! ENJOY!