VST 3 Virus found but not loadable Cubase 8 64bit

  • Testing out the Virus TI on Cubase Ellements 8 64bit. About to make the upgrade from Cubase 5 32bit to Cubase 8 Pro 64bit. Running a fresh install of Windows 8.1. A mistake purchase for another machine so thought I'd give it a go.

    In the plug in manager list in Cubase Elements 8 both the vst 2.4 and vst 3.5.0 version of the Virus show up. Originally in Cubase 5 you could load either versions, in Cubase Elements 8 only the 2.4 version is available to load as an actual instrument. To test I created a specific plug in list in the manager, only dragging the Virus TI vst 3.5.0 across to the list. When selecting that list in the VST instruments rack, no TI is visible.

    Cubase 8 Elements is detecting the 3.5.0 but not showing it in the drop down menu to load it, even when I've specifically told it to be there. Is this because I'm using Elements and not Pro or do I have another problem?

    I'm upgrading as wanting everything to be full 64 bit. I've deliberately not installed the 32 bit versions of the Virus so no conflict there. The 2.4 works. Although Mr Crackles is back! strangely when I adjusted my Ram settings, he seems to be mainly sleeping.

  • Always worked for me in Cubase 8 64
    A bit moody, but finally usable.
    Before buying Cubase, try it under some other sequencer as reaper or similar.
    It's always better having a try rather than a blind-acquire :)

    -Windows 10 Pro 64bit DAW (Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero + i9-9900)

    -Steinberg Cubase 10 + Steinberg CC121 Controller
    -Steinberg MR816 CSX + Behringer ADA8200
    -iConnectivity MIO10
    -Virus TI2 P0lar
    -Waldorf Pulse (1)
    -Waldorf Blofeld

    -Yamaha AN1x
    -Yamaha Reface DX
    -Clavia Nord Modular G1 Expanded

    -Moog Minitaur
    -Maschine MK3

    -Elektron Octatrack MKII

    -Adam A7X

  • I was wondering this myself. Do you have cubase 8? Does the VST3 version of the plug in show up? If it does all should be good when I upgrade.

    the way we test is always against full version of the supported DAWs. we don't have access to the light versions. nevertheless, i would assume that VST3 should work, keeping in mind that Steinberg has plans to discontinue support for VST 2.4

  • Finally making the full upgrade, will be downloading 8.5 so guess I'll find out by the end of the day.

    Edit: I can confirm that this specific problem with VST 3 was not present in the full version of Cubase pro 8.5.