How To Get Glide in Arp-generated Step Sequences

  • Found a fairly useful little workaround today which might interest those of you who want glide in their step sequences :)

    First set the following parameter values:


    Mode = Up
    Pattern = User
    Oct Range = 1


    Source = Arp Input
    Destination = Transpose
    Amount = +63 (max)


    Osc 1 Keyfollow = Off
    Osc 2 Keyfollow = Off

    Set Semitone of both oscillators to the root of the key you want the sequence to be in - I find it easiest to work with a single oscillator for these kind of patches.

    Portamento = 30 (approx)


    Key Mode = Mono 4 (or 2, but not 1 or 3)

    When you have done all this, set the Arp steps to the desired pitches. Velocity=64 will result in a pitch of middle C, every inc/dec by value of 1 will shift the pitch by a semitone.

    For those steps where you want a glide effect, be sure to set Step Length to 127.

    Now, if you just play one key, there will be no glide, but if you play two keys, you will get a glide effect wherever you have created a legato step by setting length to 127. The wider apart the two keys you play, the more intense the glide will be :)

    The downside is that the sequence will be in a fixed key, so no matter what notes you play, it won't make a difference. However, you can still automate Osc1 or 2 pitch in your sequencer, or you can set up two custom changes via the pitch bender.

    Oh, and be sure that the Amp Envelope Sustain is not set too low (or if it is, keep Decay relatively long) otherwise the portamento is switched off.

    Have fun 8)

  • Thanks a lot for this Ben. Wondering however. Due to the convoluted setup, and its limitations, is this the only way we are going to get glide for arp sequences, or is this just a temporary solution and you guys may still implement a more solid solution in the future?

  • Well, you can do the settings once and then just use Section Lock to build your way to glide heaven :D

    I love my Virus, then I love Marc. Now I've dumped Marc for Ben :love: LMAO

  • Ben thanks very much for this and just to develop on the idea you can actually get it keytracked to the keyboard and it will glide if one note is pressed down if you add to the mod matrix keytrack modulating transpose by 32
    Frickin awesome! :P

  • Chewie - you're basically treading the exact same path I trod when trying to see if I could completely cheat the system ;)

    Trouble is, once you do this, you end up in pretty much the same place as you would if you just stuck glide on top of a basic ArpInput>Osc Pitch setup!

    The one advantage about keeping it to my original setup is that you can effectively switch the glide on/off live by playing either one note or an octave.