Virus Control & OS update confused in download area

  • I've just come back to my virus TI rack after a long absence.

    Q. My rack OS is probably on 2.xxxx is it recommended to install the latest OS e.g. 4xxxx? Will it affect the patches already installed on the rack?

    Q. Where is the download for the latest version of Virus Control I don't see any in the download area? What is the minimum machine spec to run a version of Virus control?

  • Thanks for your input.

    Clearly you must have miss read me. I do have a TI and have used virus control before. My OS is currently 2.0.3 Apr 2007. Are there any negatives to upgrading to the latest OS?

  • Personally I've held out at because I've read about too many issues with the newest beta so I'm waiting for a release version. It's been taking a long time though! My recommendation is go til the new one is out of beta.

  • update and familiarise yourself with the wealth of new effects available on your TI due to the wicked updates!

    Only issue is that i seem to be having more sync issues with Logic Pro 9

    But its bearable, for now....


  • Live as in Ableton Live?

    I found Ableton was the worst Syncing program when i used it, this was about 2 years ago though so it may be completely different now...

    So far i think Cubase is the best working DAW with the Virus, i was a heavy Cubase 4 user until i switched to a Macbook Pro and Logic Pro 9

    I tend to overlook the syncing issues though, i can easily unplug and plug the virus back in within 5 seconds of it messing up sync wise! but it would be nice for timing issues to be banished :P

    Its still the best piece of kit i've ever bought :)