Virus TI Snow glitches

  • Нello. I bought Virus TI Snow and I have problems with it. After turning on after a while the sound starts to get hung up and the Snow began to produce the buggy and glitches sounds. Firmware update does not help. It occurs in both cases with USB connected to my Mac Pro and without USB connection. It even happens if i press the EDIT/SHIFT + AUDITION buttons. Also this happens even if Snow generally not connected to a computer or other MIDI equipment. This happens regardless of whether i use the Virus Control plugin or not. Even when i use the Snow as an external MIDI synths, this may also occur. Sometimes runs one minute and sometimes more before that happens, always in different ways but in any case sooner or later it happens. Pressing panic buttons (EDIT/SHIFT + TAP TEMPO) does not help. I have to constantly switch power off and switch on again to stop this horrible sounds. So it is impossible to work normally and I'm beginning to regret that i bought the Snow.

  • your going to na eed to give your exact specifications...this is a problem that may well resolve itself once you have everything configured in such a way that settles the right ports the right firmware.(not always the most current one)...endless switching on and off...alot will depend on your Daw..and the version of that..i wish you luck..i struggle with the same problems on the latest Macbook pro Lion minute it plays nice the next it doesn't play nice at all clicks pops glitches...this is very annoying when you have just created a rolling swirling baseline that smashes a track only to find it crackles even on utterly useless...people on here tend to put up with these obvious failures of Access to get a fully working product..because it doesn't happen all the time and the synth is so very people suffer it...but if you are looking for rock solid stability...i fear you may be disappointed...although i'm sure a lot will tell you that their setups are perfect...i've yet to hear a solution or an update that will help my setup or others..but i wish you all the best.

  • Hi tomski1978, thank you for response.
    And I 've been wondering, these problems are specific to the model Virus Ti Snow or the entire line of Virus TI? The fact is that I think exchange Virus TI Snow on the Virus TI2 Desktop. If you suffer from such problems, all products of Access, whether it makes sense such an exchange?

  • one thing that helped me was to get a usb hub(one with a mulit translation chipset)this got rid of the error messages and makes the Virus a bit more stable..which can basically cool my temper until the next time my workflow gets wrecked because the Virus decides its having a meltdown(which is often) this helps at least.

  • I mainly use Logic 9 & Virus-TI. First, note that the Virus-TI plays back better with single notes than chords on one track. So If you must play chords, to avoid a lot of the crackling garbage, separate the notes of the chord onto separate multi MIDI tracks, and chose the same instrument patch for each. Every tweak you make to one part of the chord/track you would then duplicate it on the other tracks if you wish. Also, input some MIDI nonsence or an intro to your song for the first three bars. Once your song is complete, copy the official version of your song and paste it right behind said song, so that your song is doubled one right behind the other. Bounce them both consecutively at once. In this method, crackling does not likely strike twice in the same exact spot. Import the bounced wave file into a new project, and scizor cut the two songs apart and line them up side-by-side on two audio tracks. Then use markers, or simply mute out all the crackling parts and mix the crackling out like a DJ with the slide fader while viewing the mutes in Automation mode.