VC, PT11 and AAX

  • So while i was programming some timbres, it suddenly hit me in the head.. And i guess i am not going to like the answer.

    Pro Tools 11 are coming this fall, with 64 bit support (no 32 bit bridge) and the AAX format exclusively ..

    Whats going to happen for all of us who are wokring in studios with pro tools and virus control? I havent seen any plans posted on this thing and it is going to be a huge pita if the virus control won't be usable anymore..

  • hmm,
    from a technical view i can't see any reason why AAX64 (as the only format of the "quasi standard" DAW plugin formats) should "not provides all functionality Virus Control needs to work". Beside the fact that AAX64 allows plugins to run in non-realtime (if they allow that) there is no (technical) major difference to other plugin infrastructures like VST, AU etc..If Virus Control Center could be ruined with AAX adapters which functionality should be left here? The only limitations are the limitations of the adaptors which are not limits by AAX specification - just lack of implementation att by the adaptor levels.I'm not up2date with the current SDKs from AVID nor their licensing politics, but i've heard that AVID has further restricted their policies for SDK users/partners.

    May be there is the point here behind?The fact that Pro Tools 12 is coming in the next days while AAX is the new Pro Tool standard since PT11 and Pro Tools is "(at least) one of" the very major standards in professional audio industry should be enough motivation for a company which want to be the technical leader in plugout / plugin synth integration today (where nearly for any synth with a MIDI interface is an DAW integration plugin available...) to work on a AAX port/build of their flagship product, as nearly any audio plugin software company on stage today offered an AAX version out there adopted AAX for their products since the release of PT11. Even many small companies and one man shows was able to push out a AAX port of their plugin software. Pro Tools is (and with 12 will be more) used for music creation, production and sound design more and more today.

  • This is what I got from them:

    "Thank you for your email. We don't comment on any future developments in general, but at this point I simply cannot tell you when this might be the case."

    So, it is like hitting a brick wall.

  • thanks... btw, the only workaround I have found working for me is using Vienna Ensemble Pro over the LAN and having Virus TI plug-in controller instantiated there... there is still latency and jitter introduced, but at least this is time saver.
    also you can't use plug-in automation... only MIDI CC's. but I believe this is not an issue in this case.

  • You know guys what's really ironic? If Access didn't have the Virus Control AT ALL, there wouldn't be ANY complaints...yes we all love lifetime free updates without sending over a simple thank you and yes VC can be improved but there's a point where a line is crossed...

    Food for thought guys.