Apple OSX Yosemite - Access already testing?

  • As I'm sure we are all aware, Apple have announced the next version of Mac OSX (10.10) called Yosemite , see here and will be shipping later this year.

    Its available as a public beta, and also has been available as part of the developer program.

    Given we had so many issues with Mavericks (midi and audio) that took months to resolve,and some still are unresolved today.

    Can Access confirm that testing has already begun, including with their partner Ploytech? to ensure that when Yosemite is released the Virus TI and associated software will be working on day 1!

    note: Im not suggesting anyone should install on day 1, its better to wait - but some will not get the choice e.g. if you buy a new Mac after Yosemite is released, you will get it with Yosemite (no choice).
    Its therefore reasonable to expect that Access/Ploytech will have done testing in advance of release(this is what Apples developer program is for).

  • On OSX 10.9.4 it's not stable. Because when you load the plugin, you lose MIDI device and the Virus TI works only if controlled from remote.
    That's a common problem and you can find lot of posts around the web.
    Access support know it and it seems that they are working on a fix.
    But really, it's a lot of time since.

  • The Virus seems to be working fine on Yosemite 10.10 for me using Virus TI for Mac OS X. I did have to reinstall, but after the reinstall everything seems stable so far.

    Quite frankly I didn't think my Virus would work, so I'm pretty happy at this point. Obviously, this is just one system, an iMac, and one user's limited testing so far. I'll update here if I run into any issues.

  • Any updates ?

    Yosemite is now 2-4 weeks away from public release and already is widely available to developers & beta testers.
    Despite billcarroll's encouraging report I haven't dared take the plunge yet (one reason is that I know for sure that my MOTU interface drivers aren't ready)