Where is Industry Standard AAX for Virus Control???

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    Same message below as sent to support. This is petty for now the only major vitual instrument company to avoid industry standard AAX compatibility for Virus Control just because there is a fee. This is unprofessional, has no reasonable explanation, is impossible to excuse, and is already getting beyond obscene. If i am banned for saying this i do not care. But somebody has to do this. Because with my upgrading my Avid Omni HD interface to an HDX core card, the Virus unit is now useless to my studio. Im not accepting to use another Daw no for obvious reasons just to be able to produce with the Virus Control.

    The Avid HDX Core Card will now open up the full potential capabilities of my Avid Omni HD (an 8 year old unit btw which is still considered top level). Along with expanding that with an HD I/O 8x8x8. Why? Because I am done with the nonsense latency of Native tracking where you can't even print DSP-print while tracking. Compare to 0.5ms of latency round trip right now with HDX tracking with AAX DSP for printing multiple tracks stems instantly. Ive tried Apollo and it doesnt compare, its converters sound wishy washy to me... (and its stil slower! test out the ping pong effect on the Apollo for yourself with a guitar pick tapped on the pickup of a guitar... the defitnition is still a bit of ping-pong! t still exists even at low buffers LOL). NONE of that nonsense on HDX. So instead of the 5000 USD for an Apollo x8p... doing HDX core upgrade with the same Omni interface was a no-brainer for the compared value and yet still I cannot use the Virus control plug-in. I still have to be forced to use some inferior DAW with a VST all because of this refusal. How can a corporation like this refuse to pay that fee? its not even that high for AAX native. I have not seen anything more petty in the entire software industry of virtual instruments.

    Message to support:

    "hi, I am severely aggravated and now violated completely" by the lack of AAX for Virus Control. Do you realize that you are the only plug-in company on a major level that refuses to program AAX? Do you not see why you have so little sales of your system and that there is no evolution and that you are still on the same synth with no new edition? Are you mad at all DSP companies because Fractal Audio is now as good as Kemper so that you take it out on Avid and all Avid users just because they are in the DSP business? (We are only asking for Native AAX). And is there a Wrapper that works for AAX? This is NOT a good situation. I have upgraded to an industry standard HDX core card to open the full potential of my Omni HD i/o (which still as an 8-year old interface kills everything else even today). Plus expanding it with an HD i/o 8x8x8, and yet i still have to be forced to use low grade DAW to be able to use your Virus Control plug-in. Why??? This is not about money. This is about industry standards.

    You people are treating people as if they are asking you for the DSP version of AAX. and you should even be providing that for zero latency tracking.

    I have just upgraded my Avid Omni HD from HD native pcie card to HDX pcie card so that i can print my stems immediately with Analog DSP simulation. And there are some companies refusing to provide this industry standard for tracking but to not provide at least AAX native is a crime because pro tools is industry standard. Why is your company the only major company making plug-ins stubbornly refusing to adhere to correct industry standards?

    Are you so upset with DSP companies now that Fractal Audio has caught up with Kemper or something that you have to show this kind of spite to any company that makes something DSP?

    We are not even asking for DSP! We just want to be able to track with Virus control in AAX Native. Why should I have to use another DAW to use your Virus control plug-in. This was such a waste of money to buy this TI when i am being treated like a cockroach by your company. You have proven that pro tools users are insignificant.

    You as a company cannot be this petty just because there is an AAX fee. the Fee is not anywhere near the fee for AAX DSP so why are you refusing to help people. Why are you not being reasonable? This is not fair and it is Petty to the most extreme degree that a company can be petty.

  • Zap13

    Changed the title of the thread from “Where is AAX???” to “Where is Industry Standard AAX for Virus Control???”.
  • "Because with my upgrading my Avid Omni HD interface to an HDX core card, the Virus unit is now useless to my studio."

    Blame Avid for not making the products compatible. Can't expect Access to invest development effort just to supply one niche plugin standard that really only one vendor supports. VST is a standard for a reason, I'd ask Avid why they don't support it.

    "This is not fair and it is Petty"

    You're right. But I think you're the petty one here because you just invested serious money into Avid just to find out that they're not playing nice with industry standards. Don't blame Access for this.

  • abraxa - I can understand Zap13.

    The problem is neither on the Avid nor Zap13. Kemper has not even brought up a fix Catalina. I should not be bothered because I am a Windows user and not even using a DAW.

    The control software of the Virus is outdated for a while - multiple times, for years I read that users like to have a modern interface to control the Virus - Kemper clearly stated - NO update is coming.

    Personally I have another issue: I am waiting for quite a while to get a new full size synth - and as I am a happy Virus user I though that they must come with a brand new idea.

    I just bought a PolyBrute, because I was tired to wait until Access comes around the corner with a new synth. The software is mint! Bi-directional control - you see what you are doing. File management is perfect. And I am not even talking about the hybrid technology to combine analogue sound and digital patching - and top effects. You quickly forget you have only 6 voices (was my worries....)

    So - I see Kemper being a little slow to react to market demands.

    They did lead the market with the Virus - once....

    EDIT: Don't get me wrong th Virus is a wonderful synth I woud never sell.

  • Ok is there at least someVST wrapper to AAX that will work?

  • I don’t use VirusControl and prefer the “DAWless” approach to arranging, but…

    Suggest you look at this article.

    Apparently, the question of hosting non-AAX plug-ins in ProTools is of interest to many. I can’t imagine that this “plug-in wrapper” approach would work on HDX or any other DSP platform, but at least it seems that there are ways to do this in ProTools “native.”