Remote Control

  • Hi. Is it possible to create a midi remote control templets or upload one onto the Virus synth without the Virus VST? I have a newer Mac and its not compatible any more. I have the Aura Editor but I heard it doesnt edit the templets. I was hoping to control Ableton's synths. Would it be possible to store multiple templets with different midi channels, each templet corresponding with a different synth on a project? Thanks for your help.

  • No.

    Many of us keep old Mac’s around to support Virus Control. I use it to create and edit remote templates, which are very useful for me.

    I’m planning to load MacOs Mojave in Parallels Desktop to run Virus Control on the 2020 Intel Mac I’m shortly getting from work.

    I made a feature request to the developer of the Aura Virus Hardware Editor. Please ask him to add Remote Templates to his product.

  • Thanks for answering my question. Yeah I thought that was going to be the only solution. I booted up my old Mac and got the control software working. I might have to put some money into this old Mac just for the Control software. It works fine except 7 or 8 keys on the right side don’t work I’ve tried using an external keyboard through usb but it does the same thing. Must be a software issue.