restarting a KC, somes issues (headphone output / LEDs behavior)

  • Hello there

    Different research here and there bring me on this forum. Didn't find much more browsing the topics

    I currently have my hands on a KC virus recently picked up, which has come out of a long hibernation, and has been very well treated before. It's my very first synth, and after changing the battery and a dozen hours of use, apart from the fact that it sounds extremely well, I've noticed a few problems, not very serious separately, but still. Would greatly appreciate the point of view of more experienced users.

    Firstly, I have a slight and constant noise on the headphone output only. It sounds a bit "snowy" or "digital". Master at zero or when I'm playing, this is there, constant and independent of volume. Sometimes when I play and then release the keys, the blow stops, only to resume a third of a second later. Sometimes, after playing for a while, it stops until I play a note again, or activate the master outside a certain range. In this last case, the noise stops again if I return to the right slice. I can do this start and stop infinitively until I press a key again. This blow was there since the first time I pulled the virus on. Was not an sudain apparition.

    Any ideas?

    Also, in the lfo/mod section, when I start from an init sound to build one, the lfo3 led column doesn't light up when I browse it, unlike the other three. Navigation takes place and is visible on the screen. As soon as the lfo is activated or if a presset is using it, the LEDs start working again. Again, this isn't too serious - I can live with it - but isn't it a sign of some future problem?

    Then during switching-on the synth, the top left LED (lfo1) is unstable and irregular, before being ok during playing and standby. Is this normal, and only due to starting or should I worry about?

    As I speak, a key has also just right now stopped working properly, it plays less loudly and late, but on this I'm less worried, found some Intel's and since I may work on it I'm going to start by cleaning the contact and apply new graphite.

    I've got three weeks to get this machine back to where I found it. As I got it very cheap, and being already in love with it, I'd be inclined to keep it, given that none of these problems is in itself very serious, but I'd like to have the opinion of more experienced people. Or if even there is topic where thoses issues where already discussed. (Didn't find with search)

    Many thanks in advance for your answers.

  • Ok will try this for tomorrow, I'm on the road all the day.

    If it may help to know, I've already made a kind of soft "reset" by powering the synth wile pushing one of the top left button, in order to get the ARP, delay and reverb back. It worked fine for those points.

  • Hello!

    After somes looooong search through all the different menus and with the manual, I found this:

    When scrolling the system menu, I directly jump from

    "Velocity curve" (keyboard section)


    "Midi dump tx" (midi section)

    Without the input section described p116 of the manual and who seems to concern the parameters you are pointing.

    After comparing the availables menus with the help of the manual, it appears a certain number of menus are missing (including the one to switch to expert and show all mode.)

    I think at this point i will re install the OS and after this the 6.5 version.

    Will keep you informed


  • Ok sorry for the time it took me to respond.

    I don't have either this option in the menus... no "config" menu. But maybe i will find it if i plug it to the PC?

    The missings menus seems to be a known problem who can be solved by re instal the OS. But for now, just found the 5.5 version on this site. Will maybe downgrade if i cannot find the 6.5

    Anyway, im started to enterelly read the manual, it should help somewhere.

    P.S je vois que tu es franaçais aussi, mais je vais continuer en anglais pour d'éventuels autres lecteurs :)

    Thanks for your help anyway , will keep you informed :)