OS4 Public Beta has been released for testing

  • Hello,

    I'm currently on Logic 9.1.1 Mac OSX 10.6.3. I run Logic in 64bit mode.
    From what I read on this forum and understood, OS4.0 is 64bit compatible but I would have to use the Logic 32bit bridge to be able to use it?
    Essentially, this isn't going to be like Omnisphere where there is a 64bit native option while I'm trying to load my soft synths.

    Please help.


  • Hello

    I've been recently using PT HD. The recently playback engine should be fixed, but USB audiostream freezes and no sound comes out anymore.
    Just by pressing " play " or enter the system menu " Playback Engine " in PT will help.
    This is really annoying in recording and bouncing situations... Is this a bug or I am wrong?

    LE works proper in this case.

    tested with different buffer and voice sizes, 1 processor, etc.
    RTAS usage: 8% (~ 16% peak)
    PCI usage: ~ 20%
    HD 8.0.3cs2
    TIOS tested 3.35.02 / /

  • Hello,

    I've been dealing with a problem over a week now and I would like to know if it is related to the new TI OS 4.
    It is quite important because it disturbs my workflow in the studio with various clients.

    My system setup:

    Virus TI2 Polar ( running the new TI OS
    OSX 10.6.3
    Cubase 5.1.1
    Metric Halo ULN-8 audio interface

    I am dealing with very loud glitches when using the Virus as VST and sometimes also when using it as a hardware synth with its 1 L/R outputs.
    Most of the times, the Virus stops giving me signal after the glitches and I have to restart it.
    Another detail is that I work on projects using 48KHz at 24bit.
    Since I'm a new user, I don't know if this problem is related to the new TI OS 4 beta but hopefully it is a software problem.
    Could you please confirm that and let me know if this is going to be fixed in the next OS update?

  • While tweeking a patch yesterday I noticed a lag when using the Filter cut off knob. If you make lots of changes and let go of the knob the filter carries on modulating and you can see the cut off value continue to change on the LCD screen. I think it does this with other parameters also.

    I have seen this on previous versions of the OS but it seems to have returned. This was a patch created from scratch (INIT) in stand alone mode on v4.0.2.01

    Any one else have this issue?


  • pierrot -

    could you please send a project to access support? it sounds like your virus is crashing.

    thanks, marc

    Thank you for replying Marc.
    You mean a cubase project or something else I'm not aware of?
    Those crashes happen even when the project is empty and I'm only running one Virus TI instrument channel.

  • Total mess on Windows 7 x64 with my Ti2. Has anyone had success running it on that?
    first installation attempt bluescreened me. same as what the last update caused.
    I spent an hour and a half trying to uninstall and reinstall doing diff things.. unplugging my Ti2, trying diff usb ports.

    It would not by any means find my virus so I uninstalled and went back to v40018_x64.. or in other words the previous release with no launchable VCC on Win7x64
    wish this wasn't such a hassle to get fully working drivers. Makes me suspect there is terrible (or none at all?) QC testing on Win 7 x64.

  • I've been loving Win 7 x64. the first OS4 build is what I've been using, just you don't have any access to VCC. VC still works. There've been issues reported of course but it's good enough to use til they get the new one sorted out enough that you can at least install the damn thing.