How to have a noise only patch ?

  • Hello all,

    I'm wondering if it's possible to build a patch where you would only hear the noise. It would be nice to make some efx, or an analog like snare drum, or even a pad?



  • I do this all the time and automate the colour knob, to give it more woosh effect. using noise on it's own is massive in productions right now. Emulates a release of pressure like the CO2 machines in amnesia, lil squrts of it then the big release. Hearing it extremely loud tingles your hairs so it really does work.

    Dont forget to stick a pumping side chain on it otherwise it will eat up your track. Lil bit of eq aswell can make it sweet.


    I've used the noise patch i made quite a lot in that track, It's jst a preview and we are adding some vocals soon hense a lot of mid/higher mid range missing from the synth patch's in the Mix. I've also gone wild with bitcrusher and ohm forces ohhmygod filter.

    To side chain the noise patch, I insert a cubase standard plugin compressor on the virus out put track, Usb out 1. I click the sidechain tab on the compressor then create a audio track, put in kicks for the full length of the track, Set that audio track to not go out any out puts. Use the sends of that track, you should have an option poped up in the sends section to send it to the compressor on the virus 1 output track. Set your compressor to disired settings.

    You can then automate the sends to turn more of less of the kick to the sidechain.This allows different tracks to pump at various amounts or jst let that noise patch blast straight through for a duration.

    I have a old post somewhere on here with a cubase project to down load that has direct info on how to do it in the notes section for each track. It might still be up.

    I'm working on a wobbly bass/fidget style track that uses noise for a rhythm section. The way i've set the side chain is quite groovy will post up a link of the loop after the weekend (mesy one coming). A before and after, It really makes a difference.