And This Time With Feeling: A Patch Editor Version of VC!!!

  • I've been harping on this subject for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, Access is apparently never going to listen to their users and release a MIDI editor version of the Virus Control. As someone mentioned, this would be tantamount to admitting the company made a mistake in adopting the limited-bandwidth USB 1 protocol for the TI.

    I finally voted with my pocketbook and sold the TI. I went back to using my Kb which sounds better and still works great with my SoundDiver editor. I only wish I could get back those countless hours of frustration trying to get the TI to work.

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  • " DENIZ KOYU: Totally software, everything’s software. You don’t really need to spend money, it’s totally unnecessary. I use Cubase and I got one macbook that I use on the road but in my studio, my studio computer is a PC and I got all my software on it. All you need is some good speakers and a good room so the acoustics are good, it’s important. I got a Virus Ti too, but I never use it. "

    Quote from and electronic producer who's doing well at the moment. haha I bet if you asked him why he never uses it he'd probably tell you because he doesn't have and midi editor to load up his patches and edit with and its such a pain in the ass because its unreliable using the TI software.

    Heres a link to the article. although he has mentioned in a video on his recently producer track " Ruby " he got a sound from the TI…nterview-with-deniz-koyu/

    Access... Maybe its time to start listening.. On the Ti3 I would suggest USB3 - maybe you guys can market as the TI3 because it has USB3 :) and then maybe for us that still have a TI1 we can get a nifty Editor only version of the plugin for our DAWS.. seriously not mad at ya. I personally don't care if the TI over USB feature works or not.. I prefer the sound of the unit going through my RIG.. It sounds wayyyyy warmer than USB. So please please please develop an editor only version , very soon , please :)

    Gracias :)

  • I understand why they don't have USB3 yet, I looked into the spec and it's pretty hardcore, and there's another version emerging which is even crazier. The actual communication isn't that bad, but the transfer rates are much harder to test and analyze, not to mention get a certification for. My understanding is that they are still operating on USB 1.0 though, so the bigger question is why isn't the Virus using 2.0 at least? All my computers have very limited support for USB 2, they are all USB 3. USB 1 devices have a hard time on the USB 3 ports, so it's a little crazy thinking what will happen when there are no more USB 2/1 ports on any of the computers. I've had mixed results with a lot of devices using USB 3. In the meantime, I just run everything via outboard gear. The keyboard IS well laid out, and everything except the custom ARP's is there and recordable via midi.

    I also suspect that they use third party audio and midi converters (They mention it on the Mavericks thread) and it's probable that it's the third party that dictates the actual abilities of the USB.

  • Jrob... I keep coming back to these posts.

    My Virus TI 1 works totally integrated. Using my virus helps me get more creative over using say sylnth (which i love) or nexus. I'm not a Massive (the vst) fan because i've not learned it yet. The only thing I wish about my TI is that i had 2, hell even 4. My projects virus parts are always crammed full of controller changing curves. This is what i love over having a quite static synth patch. With out the knobs I just wouldn't explore but perhaps more tunes would get finished instead of just playing with sound.

    I was working a few weeks back and started to notice problems. A serious, somethings not right here a 'oh no not this again' feeling!!! Here's what happened, during comparing the TI audio outs to my firewire interface audio outs, switching between asio drivers etc, problems started. Before i was overcome with great sadness i rebooted my computer, all fine. After a few more test i came to a very simple conclusion, My virus in my set up, if changing the audio driver, asio etc to a different device I need to reboot. Even if i set the right setting the virus wont like it.

    My Nord & Novations hardly get a look in because of NO TI!!! My TI works, only problem is I can't get as many voices/patches i'd like from it. This is related to DSP power not USB. I want to be able to have more heavily note stacked patches, more DSP intensive sounds, before i run out of power.

    The main ingredient for a TI3, more power in the DSP or more of them OR BOTH!!!!

    Who Knows they might even be waiting to see whats happening with USB3 before we see a TI3. That's if we ever see 1.... Like Mr mowgli suggests, it might just be too complicated and variable to get a stable across the board platform. But skipping USB 2 altogether, getting 3 ironed out, might be a good idea for future proof for 4 etc or what ever's next. Once they have a model they'd need it to stay in date for sales longevity.

  • This is why I stuck with my trusty Indigo 2 and sounddiver. I will be jumping on any new synth that Access may bring out in the future - My money is sitting waiting in the bank for that time ;)

  • Hang in there! During this summer, we will launch several MAC OS X and Windows beta programs for a Virus patch editor / librarian which will only function over MIDI.
    This editor will eventually work with all Virus models, but for the start, we will launch Virus B -> C editor and will expand to TI range from there. So... We're building it :)

    In a meanwhile, you can check out the JP-80x0 plug-in from our site and see how it works for an example. :)

  • Maybe I will keep my virus b...hmmm. Crappy virus control takes up to much ram. It's poop. Anyway I can't wait to see what happens with this new editor.

    We will post official announcement during early next month. I will post updates here as well :)

  • Ok guys, here is the official product page. Access Music has nothing to do with this what so ever, so you won't get support from them at any point :)

    Virus|HC Editor + Librarian Plug-in for AudioUnit and VSTi environment 8o

    [Blocked Image: http://www.mysteryislands-musi…14/04/VirusHC-Page1_C.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: http://www.mysteryislands-musi…14/04/VirusHC-Page2_C.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: http://www.mysteryislands-musi…14/04/VirusHC-Page3_C.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: http://www.mysteryislands-musi…14/04/VirusHC-Page4_C.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: http://www.mysteryislands-musi…14/04/VirusHC-Page5_C.jpg]

    May 2nd : All images updated!

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  • Is there a demo we can try or at least see it in action?? I would like to see the rest of the editor before I buy. Will the GUI get updates later on?

    We are working on the GUI elements at the moment. We have a fully working JP-80x0 editor already which you can download and try even without the real thing on your rack / stands :)