A knob for a different task

  • I wish to have any knob assignable to any parameter.Say instead of filter 1 cutofoff knob being a cutoff.I could assign a mod slot parameter value.This may be to further in the future but i think it should be now.

  • You can create a remote setup assigning any knob to any MIDI controller, and while still controlling the Virus from the VST window, access the the remote mode from the physical Virus itself ([shift]+Remote buttons). Now, when you turn a knob the Virus MIDI out will send the adequate MIDI message as per your remote definition. This will be intercepted by your host and sent back to the VST hopefully manipulating some matrix routing you have laid beforehand.

    I wonder how it works in standalone mode - is it possible to feed the virus back with its own remote output?

    And another question/request - is it possible to assign a static MIDI message to some of the buttons (of course, excluding those that are needed to return back from remote mode or turn off the Virus), messages such as "all notes off", setting something to an arbitrary value, or playing a note that is associated with a function of the host?

  • WIth using Remote Mode though.I would be putting the remote setup globally across all 16 channels.It would be cool to have a certain knob setup for each individual Virus TI patch.

  • WIth using Remote Mode though.I would be putting the remote setup globally across all 16 channels

    That is controllable in most DAWs through MIDI routing, say, the Virus outputs to MIDI ch1, you are sending MIDI control messages Nos. 14, 15, 16 and 17 using four different knobs. You need to see if you can route rule-based or route and filter messages so that 14 goes to channel 1, 15 to channel 2 etc. feeding back to the Virus, where there are patches waiting with matrix routings to control a virus parameter with the MIDI control you sent to the patch's channel.
    Sounds tedious, I know, it would have been nice if Access would have let us choose what channel to send each knob data on.