Tuning the Virus TI

  • I'll go over the whole calculation in case someone wants to know:
    440/424 = 1.0377358490566037735849056603774 which means that the A sound wave cycle is that much slower at RA. In equal temperament tuning, each halftone cycles 2^(1/12) = 1.0594630943592952645618252949463 (that's the twelfth root of 2) slower or faster than its neighbors. So to translate the A440:RA proportion to cents we need to divide them and multiply by 100: [440/424] / [2^(1/12)] x 100 = 97.949221127345551538311742673044, therefore reducing the tuning by 98 cents (-98 ) should get you comfortably between 424Hz and 423.5Hz which is what you are aiming for. Since this is almost a full halftone you could just transpose your music to a key that is a halftone down, but maybe those 2 cents matter (just my 2 cents, if you don't mind the pun).
    Just curious, do you need this for baroque or new age music, or maybe you've found a new use for it?

  • Thanks but how do I tune the TI -98 cents down? I went to the global tuning and with master tuning I can only go -64 or +64. Am I not understanding something correctly? How do I go about doing this?

    Oh and Im doing this for an experimental project though im not sure how its going to fully turn out. I guess you can say its new age because we are trying to correspond everything with the human chakras.

  • Well, I recently found out that the Virus does have a global tuning setting under the "config" menu (can't really help you with "where it is in the snow" but I hope it helps). It can be set from -64 to 63 semitones.
    Regarding oscillator tuning you can fine tune the oscillators on insane levels by routing constant, constant 10% and constant 1% to oscillator pitch in the modulation matrix.