Drone Patches!

  • Hey peeps,

    Howdy all!

    Just wanted to get some tips on how to make drones with the Virus Ti.
    I normally make drones using high frequency samples pitched down in the sampler with heaps of rev and distortion.

    I want to make some with my Polar though so any tips?

    Cheers in advance :)


  • How do you mean by drones? Do you want one of the oscs to be at a constant pitch regardless of what key is being played like a bagpipe drone? Or are you talking about making a certain character of tone that you'd recognise as a drone?

  • You could use the Virus for drones, even more so now we have a couple of new envelopes to play with but I prefer to use something like Space Drone within Reaktor, then I'll resample it & layer it up with other time stretched ambient noise like playground sounds or traffic.

  • Sorry for the late reply.
    Yeah, thats a pretty sweet drone.

    Stuff like that.
    I've actually been getting into the Wave PCM's (after a mate showed me) and really love the sounds.
    also the Wavetables and Spectral Waves are killer so I think Drones shouldn't be an issue at all!



  • Now this ismy kind of thread! Wooopeeee!

    Ok so what about ring mod with FM, slow envelope modulating the FM position to a sine wave. OSC one on sine, osc two on wavetable, OSC mix on 100% Osc 1 but with the ring mod you will get both oscillators. On the wavetable osc the slow modulation of the FM position also modulates the WT position, change wavetable to taste and add filter modulation + delay.. Mmmmmm drone heaven.

    Can we please have some more ppl chime in and add their info... But don't drone on about it.....

  • Yes lol indeed! Actually, people should try TWO sine waves, yes ring mod at 40% and modulation of FM amount. Filter not all the way open, this is sounding more star wars attack of the drones.

    Yes the puns will keep coming!