Virus Ti Desktop USB noise & crackle issues.

  • Virus Ti Desktop USB noise & crackle issues.

    My Setup: VIRUS TI Desktop, RME Fireface 400, Macbook Pro, Logic Pro 9.1.8.

    I am using the VIRUS via USB.

    When recording / playing a sound, it has got a noise and crackle which keeps going for a few seconds after the sound has stopped.

    Test file here:

    I have tested it via Analog Outputs and the noise was gone, so the issue is the USB connection.

    Is this a known issue ?

    How can I fix this?



  • This is usually caused by the Virus not getting the full USB1.1 bandwidth over the USB2 or 3 port. The reasons are usually:

    • Other devices on the same root hub, either external or on-board, type USB1.1 or simply bandwidth hungry (networking, storage, display etc.). Solution: connect the Virus to a USB port where it can get its hub's undivided attention. Use the system profiler to see what goes where in your system.
    • Motherboard drivers (esp. USB) - check the vendor site to see if there are updates for your specific HW.

    Hope this helps.

  • We dont have anything else plugged in to any of the USB ports.

    The TI2 is running on a 2011 Macbook Pro and we only get the noise when its in multi timbral mode and the patch is using a delay or a reverb.

  • Regarding USB there may still be internal on-board devices that use the same root hub as the Virus. Use the System Profiler to find out which internal hubs are used by on-board devices, and which one is the Virus connected to. If there is no root hub without an on-board device, you have the option to manually disable an unnecessary device such as bluetooth.
    Regarding playing modes, I'm confused - only sequencer mode is available with VC (which uses the USB audio), does mentioning single mode mean that the crackle is apparent in standalone as well?

  • don't use hub just connect your device directly to your usb connection.
    disable your startup program at login.
    disable your dashboard.
    disable your wifi and Bluetooth.
    purge your memory before running your daw.
    use 256,512 buffer size.
    i hope they will make a change

  • I have done all the above, including reducing Buffer size in Logic.

    VIRUS is going straight into the USB port in the Macbook Pro.
    I've disabled unused startup programs, purged memory, turned both bluetooth and wifi off.

    Unfortunately the noise is still there.

  • are you run your ti by hub!!!!?
    it's shown you're running your ti by hub so don't use hub!!!
    for disabling your bluetooth follow up this link bluetooth
    before purging your memory run activity monitor then bring up terminal at utilities folder then type purge wait 5-10 seconds
    then compare your memory status!!!

    here some better optimization tips for audio