Using VirusTi Desktop like TI keyboard.

  • Hi i need to help how to use my virus TI desktop like a normal TI Keaboard. My master keyboard and Virus TI is connected with iMac using usb cable.
    I hope i can use TI desktop without running Logic Pro. i hope i can play with virus and master keyboard when my iMac is just turned on. I can't connect
    MIDI cable from keyboard to Virus because i guess there is some problem when both MIDI cable and USB cable are connected with master keyboard
    at the same time. i just want to play with Virus desktop's knob on Single mode with my master keyboard. :) how can i do this?


  • Simply connect your master keyboard (physical) midi out to your desktop virus' Physical midi in... as for the USB being connected at the same time, this shouldn't make a difference as you should be able to use VC plugin on your mac to control your virus, and play via your master keyboard. Im not sureif there are any settings in the config menu to change, but i have the TI2 keyboard and it is identical as far as i know with the desktop version in every aspect regarding software.

    The physical midi ports pass thru midi data on my keyboard from the USB port as i use this to sync a Drum machine via master clock from Reaper DAW.

    Hope that helps.


  • If you don't want to bypass the computer by physically connecting the MIDI controller with the synth, you must use some kind of SW to make the connection between the MIDI in port and the MIDI out port, inside the computer. It doesn't have to be as heavy as Logic, it can be something as simple as MidiPipe.

    if you are using OS X you can use OS X’s native ‘Audio Midi Setup’ app for that.