Poor support from Access Music

  • Last summer i bought a Virus KB but the seller ripped me off.

    The cables were missing inside,other powersuply,1 potentiometer is damaged along with the knob.

    Asked support for help on the cables.They claimed they no longer have those cables.

    I bought the missing cables online as i knew wich i needed.So no help from Support whatsoever,very poor.

    Next was the potentiometer with knob.Already waiting since november 2013.

    Somebody who works for support told me that he will help me with the pot/knob,but to this day still no news.Very poor support from Access Music again.

    OK,you can you are busy with the factory running,wich i understand.

    But what is the reason have a Support Dept. if there is no support at all.

    I'm very dissapointed on how they threat me and therefore i will no longer buy any instruments from Access Music.

    Wich means i will sell the KB when it's completely restored and also my Virus TI2 kb will be sold.

    Thanks to Access Music for letting me down. :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

  • Sorry to hear you had problems with it, but did you buy it used? If so, Access don't have to support it as you didn't buy it from new. Any warranties are with the original purchaser, it's like this with everything you buy. Now, I do have gripes with Access as i've never been able to get my Ti Polar working since I bought it from new, that said if I had bought it used, I wouldn't expect their service dept to support me.

  • Magic your confusing warranty and support...
    from your definition you can expect no support when your warranty runs out after 2 years.
    of course aftersales service / support varies between companies, and is factor in building and destroying a companies reputation.
    Of course access are within their rights to charge for any services outside the warranty period,
    both hardware and software ... and others do this eg upgrades, maintenance contracts etc

    Access has a good reputation for continued support, and I'm sure they take this very seriously.

  • Why not just get it repaired at an authorised repair shop?

    the only leads that came with my virus were a USb and power cable, not that hard to find - I have no idea why you'd need the manufacturer for these standard items?

    I don't think you should blame access for problems you're having with a physically damaged, second user synth, or even complain too much about being unable to directly procure replacement parts: why not just get the part number of the potentiometer and buy one from an electronics supplier?

  • I bought it used.

    The cables missing were the ones inside,that connect the keyboard to the mainboard/bendersection.

    These got removed,and still no idea why.

    Not the standard leads, these are available in any electronics shop.

    The thing is i want to be sure i have the correct potentiometer.

    I don't care if they charge me money for it,i just wanted to ask to the original manufacture for support,even if i bought it new or 2nd hand.

  • Meanwhile the TI2 KB is sold and picked up in local sale.

    Potentiometer and knob has arrived and replaced for the KB.

    Next week the Virus KB will be for sale.

    Everything solved now but i no longer buy products from Access Musc.

    Too bad i had to open a thread to get help, as maybe i was still waiting for help in 10 years or so.

    Very poor from such a company.

    optik: I never asked for FREE parts,as i'm always prepared to pay for any help whatsoever.

    The thing is i wanted to be sure i have the correct part,as i lost money in the past to sellers claiming they have the right replacement just to make money,or simply ship nothing at all.

    Oh well,problem solved.

  • Why should i call them if i had contact with somebody thru email.

    His name is Jörg Hüttner(spokesman??? for Access Music) and he told me he was looking for the potentiometer and knob.

    And i had Jörg on the Phone.

    So fuck you and mind your own business you fucking retard. :thumbup:

    Close please, problem solved.

  • This is not correct. We definitely never spoke on the phone.
    You might have spoken with either our hardware service department or with a colleague of mine in the office, but the two of us never spoke on the phone. That is absolutely incorrect.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

  • I did had a phonecall from somebody,but i did not understand his name.And i assumed it was you,as you were the only person with who i had contact.

    That person explained me about the cables that are no longer available at Access Music, and later Jörg mailed me the picture with the connections.

    The phonecall was around october 2013,i need to check my incoming messages.

    For the potentiometer i had to wait about 4 months i had it.

    This is a mail i got from Jörg at march 17 :

    Access Music Support <[email protected] wrote:

    Sorry for the tremendous delay. I will try to find out ASAP what is up with this.

    Besh Wishes,

    Jörg Hüttner

    I also have the emails from januari and februari,where i everytime get the message that they are working on it.The remaining emails i have go back to august 2013.

    What do you try to proof here?

    That Access Music is such a great company that serves his cliënts at the best possible way they can?Even if they bought it new or 2nd hand?

    That they are doing everything possible to help as fast as they can?

    Claiming they have no cables available,wich are used in every KB version?That it takes them 4 months for a potentiometer?

    Hahahaha, what a joke.