After installing latency and sound problems

  • Hi,

    some time ago in stalled latest firmware for my Virus Ti Snow and i came in to couple of problems.

    1. Latency is not constant anymore on all USB Audio Outs.
    2. The sound become resonant/phased without apearant reason on all patches. It plays normal, then all of suden the sound is different.

    I reverted back to previous version, seemed to be ok. Installed again latest version and problems are back.

    Im using Windows 8 64bit
    FL Studio 11.1
    Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

  • Ok it seems to be a problem, because i get same bugs with OS 5.0.3

    I tried to downgrade to os4, but after downgrade virus control doesnt seem to find virus. It says i have version mismatch, but in virus control shows that all is at it seem to be.

    In this state my virus is not usable anymore.

    Please help me to solve the problem.

  • Its really irritating, i cannot use my virus. Here is an audio example what happens with the sound. Link bellow:…/virus%20ti%20problem.wav

    First i play melody with muted bottom keys, in second melody pattern repeat i unmute and you can clearly hear the sound becomes like resonant, then i mute again same keys and the sound is still the same. I have to re-load the patch (4th repeat of the melody) and then it sounds good.

    Please fix this, or at least give some response you have noticed this topic :)

  • i had so many problems with latency and the plugin in general that i ditched it totally. just use the analog outs and usb midi and now everything is super tight as it should be and no more headaches. total integration is a neat idea provided it just simply works on a nice basic level. ive not spoke to anyone who didnt have a decent batch of problems.

  • Hey sorry to add, but my problem stems from a clicking sound. When the virus ti stops in the middle of a sound I get this annoying clicking sound. no CPU spikes or Ram is 30% usage.

    Also would like to know how to stop the virus from phasing the sound. making kicks has this annoying phasing added effect. Any tips on fixing that?

  • @marcoIMD, this is a very general thread, your far better creating your own thread and describing exactly what your issues are. - also why not try 5.1.0?
    usually, latency and sounds issues are related to your specific setup, so post 'me too' really won't get you a result.
    (ive had my fair share of issues with USB and the TI, but none that I couldn't solve... so its not a general issue as some will have you believe, its just not necessarily easy to setup, and many do struggle with it)

    @inf7cted, does this click happen on every patch you use, including the init patch? if not then it could be something to do with the patch i.e. more a sound design issue... so might be better posting in the sound design section, perhaps with details of the patch and a sound example. also more description, when you say "virus ti stops in the middle of a sound", this doesn't make much sense... how can be be stopped, and in the middle of the sound? (surely that means its at the end?!)
    ... if its a patch related issue, then you you would need to check want envelopes and LFOs are doing, perhaps one of those doing something like snapping a filter shut (example only!).
    Similarly, phasing, sounds more like a sound design issue ... that or you don't have your audio sync setup correctly e.g. running a 48khz signal into a 44khz, but again you'd need to be far more specific about the issues, and when it occurs, and when it doesnt.

    Ive quite some sympathy for Access support, so many people tag on to topics, say 'me too' giving very little information about there setup, what they have tried, when it works, when it doesn't... you need to help them, help you!

  • No need to get uptight sheesh. Anyways I fixed the clicking issue after installing a new CPU. CPU spikes caused the audio to click. Thanks to a helpful website. As for the kick. Recording multiple kicks and then find the perfect tone. Sometimes people like myself are in a rush and forget to explain the topic. Its called being human. Anyways Good product, but horrible website community.

  • I didn't mean to be 'short', and i did given some ideas given the extremely limited info you gave. but seriously, if you want help you have to put a bit of effort in...
    its not about being in a rush or not, its just without more info, others cannot help you... so a case of 'less haste more speed'

    (even the few words you did write, included " I get this annoying clicking sound. no CPU spikes or Ram is 30% " and then come back and say "I fixed the clicking issue after installing a new CPU. CPU spikes caused the audio to click" )

    but hey, if thats how you feel fine... Im glad you got it working