Virus C Filter Envelope Polarity

  • Just curious. If i have to go to the filter edit menu and change filter envelope polarity to set a negative value for filter envelope amount, why does the ENV AMOUNT knob have a minimum value of -100%? shouldn't it be from 0 to +100%? because when you set this knob to minimum, the filter envelope has no effect, which means filter envelope amount is zero (rather than -100%), right? i can't be the only one confused about this, am i missing something here?

  • thanks for the info flabberbob. but the thing is the ENV AMOUNT knob goes from -100% to +100%. then one should expect it to be 0 in the center positon. and when i set the CUTOFF knob to the center position(half open), and turn the ENV AMOUNT all the way down to -100%, the envelope should modulate the cutoff. but it doesn't. it operates as if the env amount is zero. to get a negative envelope you have to go to filter edit and change envelope polarity to negative.
    another example, when i turn the filter fully open and set the ENV AMOUNT knob to center position (to where the knob shows zero) i get the envelope actually modulating the filter! but it shouldn't because i just set the env amount to zero right?
    at the position the ENV AMOUNT knob shows -100%, the screen shows zero, at the position the knob shows zero, the screen shows +63, and when the knob is +100% the screen shows 127. i think this is counter-intuitive, i am beginning to think that they just labeled this knob's range wrong :)