grain and formant oscillators - more info

  • I'm looking for a detailed explanation of how the grain and formant oscillators work.
    I've read the manual and seen the boot camp videos.
    I would really like to see a detailed explanation of how they work. Twiddling the knobs has been great but enquiring minds want to know.
    BTW I love creating some grain oscillator sound and then dropping the pitch all the way. Very cool

  • The grain oscillator lets you control how to slice dice and rebuild the selected wavetable shape. To see exactly what you are doing I recommend watching the audio through a scope plugin (if your SW doesn't have one included you can download smexoscope). The same way, the formant oscillator acts like a phaser effect on the oscillator shape, which is best viewed in the frequency domain - so you'll need a frequency analyzer plugin.

    Hope this helps.

  • thanks!
    I've got smexoscope I'll take a look.
    So.... formant filter as fancy phaser effect. I'll take a look at it with that mindset.
    I want to be the absolute master of Virus programming when I grow up.