TI2 desktop started acting buggy

  • My desktop has all of a sudden started to act a bit buggy, the 2 problems I've noticed so far are:

    1. The knob behaviour "Snap" doesn't act the way it used to, it just jumps to the position if the knob is moved instead of waiting for the knob to pass through.

    2. If I drag a patch from the part list on the left to the lower browser window, the upper window jumps to a different menu.

    I've already tried a factory reset and the bugs persist, I've made a short video of the browser window here

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    I'm running OSX 10.9.4
    Logic X.1.0
    Virus OS

  • 1. I THINK, there is setting in virus menu how knobs act. If they snap or value scale. Somebody else can correct me if I'm wrong.

    2. Tested this myself and I think its "normal" behavior when you have selected some category.
    Set category to All and it shouldn't jump like that.

  • Hi supa,

    Thanks for checking. There is a menu to change the knob behaviour I normally have it set to snap, this should mean that the parameter doesn't change until the knob has reached that value. This was how it behaved until recently, now it instantly jumps to the position as soon as the knob moves. This causes me to make a mess of patches very quickly which is not what I want to be doing.

    I don't think it should be considered normal that a browser window changes itself like that without any interaction, especially as the page x of x display at the top of the window does not change even though the contents of the window does. I'm glad to hear it's not just my machine doing this.

  • I wouldn't go so far as to call my Virus a piece of crap, I love it and think it sounds amazing!! I use it all the time.

    I could live with the browser window oddness but the knob behaviour thing is frustrating, once I noticed it and have been unable to fix it with the usual methods I've started to wonder if there was something wrong with my Virus. It would be nice to hear from Marc or Jörg about this.

    So far I've tried a factory reset and re-installing the OS, the knob "Snap" mode still won't work like it should. Sometimes I will just nudge a knob to see what it is set to, if I do that now - instant change to the sound :(

  • I have also had this problem and reached out to support. I'm currently using the latest OS 5.1.7

    I downgraded to 5.0.3 to test it and same results. So I'm back now with 5.1.7 just scratching my head.

    My Virus TI2 desktop was always set to have knob behavior as Snap. Recently when I turned it on after not using it for at least a month I noticed that when I was trying to tweak my saved patches in multi mode between different parts that when I would switch back to different parts even thought its showing Snap mode any movement of the knob would make it jump to that new value, so its acting like its set to Jump. I tried in Rel mode and it still jumps.

    Another user mentioned that in the manual it kinda mentions that by setting the Global knob behavior it would only effect the 3 programmable soft knobs below the screen. But from my recollection and use of the Virus TI over the past year with Snap mode being set all of the 28 knobs operated in snap mode. That is how I would tweak live between my parts seamlessly. Unless I'm going completely mad I'm pretty sure something isn't working right with my machine suddenly. Can anyone confirm this? I wanted to also mention that I tested snap mode on the soft knobs and its still acting like in jump mode.

  • As mentioned in your own thread: I just tried with my Darkstar, and it behaves as you would expect. Knob Behavior sets the Response for all Knobs on the synth not only for the Soft Knobs. And Jump, Snap, Rel all seem to behave exactly as expected. How is your Target set? Did you try tweak the other Knob Behavior settings?

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