Recording External Audio through Virus TI help needed

  • Hi guys,
    Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.Just working on a project at home, at which I don't currently have a sound card (waiting to buy one in a few months).

    I would simply like to record audio from my Analog Rytm - through the inputs on the Virus TI Polar and into Ableton - I don't want to process it through the Virus' FX etc - just want the dry signal in Ableton to appear so I can record the audio.

    Currently it's all set up as follows -
    *Virus set to '3 Outs / 1 input' in the TI software Config menu.
    *Audio input in Ableton's preferences to 'Access Virus TI'
    *Audio channel created with the 'Audio From' section set to EXT In and channel 1
    *Set the monitor to 'IN' on the audio channel, so I can in theory hear the Rytm via the channel.

    However there is no audio appearing in Ableton - has anyone any ideas as what I need to do to solve this? Been scouring the web on and off for weeks now trying to solve this, but thought some of the kind souls here may be able to help - as I'm out of ideas and would really like to make progress on this track I'm working on!

    Many thanks, once again, for any help offered or suggested.

  • Flabberbob is correct. The setting you are changing is the "USB Audio Configuration", so switching this to

    3 OUTS / 1 INPUT

    would send audio into the TI via USB (in DAWs supporting side-chaining). You need to have this set to


    if you want to use the audio inputs of the Virus TI being used as audio inputs for your DAW.

  • I am having this problem but i am using Cubase 8.5 on a PC.

    I have 2 pairs of audio cables going both ways between my Virus TI and my RME UFX+.

    I can't get the TI's effects to pass through the audio track.