Bug: Wrong original knob values when loading patches from VST

  • Patches loaded from vst have wrong original value indicator settings on the device. (blinking light)
    cutoff etc. other knobs,
    Patches loaded from the device itself load correct.

    for example:
    category Acid, patch Alpha SV
    cutoff original setting should be 37
    on the device it's now 79 which is wrong

    and that for a lot of patches. wrong values.
    especially when i look in categories.

    Windows 10 x64 (1607)
    Cubase Elements 8.0.40
    TI: V5.1.1.0 x64

    Can someone repeat this bug ?
    I don't know if there is any further software development, the last software is from 12/2014.
    I don't know if it is Win10 related or a bug since 2005.
    I borrowed a Ti from a friend and want to buy a new one.
    But it wouldn't be a good deal without new software. :(

    Hope to get some answers here

    Someone from Access who says: yes buy it i assure u that this problem will be fixed

  • never heart of it.

    could u perhaps test my example with your device ?
    Win10 if possible

    maybe my friends old device is not working correct anymore.

    it will make the decision to buy much easier
    if it is not working then i can send it back

  • Marc ia a forum admin who works for Access, not a user. :)

    I don't have this issue with my Virus TI2 desktop which I bought from Sweetwater back in March/April of this year. I'm also in Windows 10.

    The issue can be that the previous owner modified the patchs or loaded them from a modified set. I doubt if its any form of data corruption because the patches would be total gibarish including the patch name.

  • Bug confirmed:

    When loading patches via the Virus Control VST, the original parameter values for a patch are only loaded correctly if a patch is loaded from the RAM or ROM banks. If a patch is loaded from a MID file, the hardware keeps the original parameter values from the last patch that was loaded from RAM/ROM into that slot.

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  • I understand it now. Thx for the recipe Oli but every hardware synth behaves this way when patches are loaded into the temp store( a.k.a. edit buffer). I can understand why a patch sent from the library instead of one on the device does not overwrite a rom/ram patch. It would be a nasty problem if it did.

    The patch stored in the temporary store which is what you edit. Any time you select a patch, a copy gets stored in a temporary location in the ti's memory. The original copy is used for comparison and doesn't change until you store the patch.

    When a patch is sent to a hardware synth into the temp store/edit buffer, there is nothing to compare against. I can repro this exact behavior on my jv2080. For example, if I send a patch into the edit buffer instead of a patch location, the "patch edited" graphic shows up on the screen and hitting patch compare brings back whatever patch was last selected on the synth. Hitting compare again brings up the sent-over patch.

    This is worse on the TI because of the VST specifically designed to mimic a soft synth in behavior. Meaning, when using the VST, the hardware pretends to be a control surface and you are "suppose" to ignore the LED and display. Instead, you are "suppose" to watch the VST when editing, much like a soft-synth driven by a control surface. In this respect, the problem is that the hardware only does this half-way. The LCD and LED should be controlled by the VST instead of the local hardware, and should always reflect whats on the VST, not whats in the TI's memory. I.E. The vst should be telling the synth what the current value is, and the VST should turn on/off the led when the edited value matches/is-different-than the VST's original value.


  • I have now a new Virus Ti2 Darkstar here
    (like the superb film DarkStar by John Carpenter)

    with the following problems.

    original knob values not working (Bitwig also)

    Cubase 8 "Elements" often crashes (Steinberg confirmed)

    notes hanging in local off mode (works in Bitwig)

    so the virus only working in standalone anymore

    Windows 10 x64 (1607)
    Cubase Elements 8.0.40
    TI: V5.1.1.0 x64


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  • I have a virus Ti2 Desktop and also have a problem with values changing when loading projects in Ableton. When I load up a project, the pitch is sometimes not the same as the values indicate, but 1 or 2 semitones higher or lower and this can vary quite randomly. I have also recently upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition hoping that this would remedy the problem, I thought it had until it recently started to happen again.

    I have also layered sounds on different channels and have also had the pitch values being correct and the same, but the pitch being correct on say one channel and wrong on another.