Virus Ti2 Desktop freezed on Welcome.

  • Hello to you all

    (Excuse my bad english)

    I've received my Virus Ti2 Desktop For 2 days now.
    I've played on it a half day, (Excellent Machine)

    Now it do nothing other after showing the "Welcome" at the start
    also , i can update it by the Exit button , I can go to the Serial Number too,
    I've tried to put many times the software. But nothing go on. "unsuable". (inutilisable in french)

    Very sad to see that. :(

    So First , I have installed the last Os for Windows 10, (EXIT Button ,all unplugged before, and replug)

    I've wrote to the support , 3 replies , they asked me to send the Serial (TAP + CONFIG with removing the power cord from the TI before. and replug,)

    It is still under garanty (normal , two days after bought it)

    Please Help me.
    Have a nice day.

  • Does it also freeze when not connected via USB?

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  • The support replied and wrote to downgrade to 5.0.8 OS,
    i've done it :
    nothing working, still having the "welcome" screen.

    they said me to ask assistance to repair it if it doesn't work , by a german company ,
    I've readed the site , all is in German ,
    have no forces to try anything there.
    I think my japanese will be 1000 times better ,
    so i never spoke japanese.

    Will return it to the seller.

  • I suppose this is the repair center they adressed you to:
    Scroll down the pages, and there's English translation.
    If you contact them by e-mail, they also communicate in English :thumbup:

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  • frankly - i'd return it to the seller if it doesn't even boot up.