Virus TI (1) KB - Tightening mod wheel?

  • Hi, I wonder if anyone can clear up how the modwheel is supposed to behave on a Virus TI1 KB? I have just sold mine and the buyer has been in touch to say that when it is around 1/4 or lower it will drop to 0. I just thought this was how they all behaved as I have only ever played the one I used to own?

    If this is not correct behaviour, is this a straightforward issue to remedy - eg; tighten a screw somewhere?


  • Sorry for resurrect.

    @wascal were you able to repair this yourself? What was the final solution? I bought a Ti1 10ish years ago and it has the same problem, finally getting around to fixing it. Didn't realize the pitch/mod wheels were part of an assembly. :(

  • Assembly here merely means that they're both sitting on a structure that can be removed from the case as a whole - instead of each control being mounted individually. It makes maintenance and repair easier, actually.


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