• After long research about the secret virus TI midi cc configuration (don't know why access music doesn't add the chart to the manual !), I've found it and noticed it's the same as with the powercore virus ! :cursing:

    Anyway... I want to control the unison pan spread with the cc 99 but... Nothing ! The value refuse to change ! Yet, it works with other cc like 40, 60 and so on. Where did I miss something ?? :huh:
    I don't see any reason it doesn't work !
    I precise I'm using the vst plugin to control the virus. I tried to send it midi cc via its midi input but it doesn't seem to work when using the vst plugin.

    I guess I need H E L P !

  • !! For waiting for someone help, I had the idea to do that with automation ! So I turned on the 'write' automation button of the track, moved the knob and ..... Nada, niente, 何も, macache, nothing, rien, لا شيء, nichts, कुछ नहीं, walou, τίποτα, que dalle, 没什么, peau d'zob, 무 !!

    It doesn't want to record the knob movement in automation ??

    Then I tried to fing the right parameter for 'unison pan spread' and there is NO such parameter !!! =O=O=O

    So ! How could I achieve that simple thing : controling unison pan spread from my daw ?? I thought access music offers a "total integration" ??

  • :rolleyes: Finally, after some try in multi mode thru midi for trying to see what midi cc it would output by moving the knob on the synth, it didn't output nothing ! It certainly means that the only way to control the unison pan spread parameter is in the matrix.
    I think is a bit a pity : apparently, the midi cc99 and all the others controling the unison parameters are not longer in use and become useless.

    But this synth is really amazing ! Ah ! The same one with CV inputs !

    I tried to send it some CV in its analog inputs and the envelope follower, I had very bad results in the sound ! <X

  • I tried to send it some CV in its analog inputs and the envelope follower, I had very bad results in the sound ! <X

    AFAIK, it's not designed to be controlled by CV but to generate evenelopes from audio signal. Like e.g. a Mutron.

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  • Thank you, Spryx ! Really useful ! 8o I was astonished to not be able to midi control the LFO1 (CC 67) rate when it's in clock sync mode ! In the powercore virus, it's possible. With the TI, only automation worked ! I'm not an automation aficionados...
    Do you know where those sysex strings come from ? I don't find the LFO rates in clock sync mode in the list. I'm sure it exists, though. There must be a much longer list somewhere... Don't know why access virus doesn't release those info.

    CV or audio signal amplitude value are close things !
    Thanks to my Scope system, I can send -∞ up to 0 db audio signal to the virus input. I tried with a DC signal --> bad, then with a normal audio signal --> same bad !
    As soon as there is signal at the input, the virus sound becomes awful ! Even if the input follower doesn't modulate any parameter yet ! ?(8| It's a pity !

    But maybe I'm doing something wrong... If any people here achived to use the input follower, please, tell me how ! :)

  • Glad I could help :) .... I think.

    I found the sysex strings years ago when I had a Snow. Have a TI2 Polar now. Yes, it is not fully complete, it is a manual process.

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  • It certainly means that the only way to control the unison pan spread parameter is in the matrix.

    here's a some background for you: over time we've added parameters to the virus by updating the OS. and at one point, there was no way to control the additional parameters by controller and polypressure messages because the amount exceeded what you can address with those two 7 bit messages. so, in order to allow users to control important parameters we've added in later OS version we took the decision to re-assign some things. i'm pretty sure that pan spread was one of those parameters we did "sacrify". as you have have realise by now, you can control it using the mod matrix as well. as for the automation, some parameters were never intended to be tweaked in real time. i guess, pan spread is one of those. we have removed those from automation because if it's not artefact free, it shouldn't be in there. apologies in advance if that all sounds a bit blurry but all that is things i remember back from the year 2000 and sometimes it is difficult to remember what was the driving factor behind a decision which we took like 15 years ago.

  • I just found out the C uses MIDI CCs 97-100 for unison settings (like described in the C manual), however the TI ignores these and instead uses "bank D" sysex data 120-123 (positions in dump 504-507). One of the results of this is that transferring patches between Ti and C using the MIDI dump function can break the unison settings.

    By the way, the unison mode on the C goes up to 16 while on the Ti it only goes up to 8.