iPad Patch Editor for Virus TI (TOUCH for VIRUS)

  • The last months I've been working on an iPad Patch editor for my Virus Snow. It's a kind of side-project for me, because I wanted to learn to build IOS apps.
    And well, I choose to build a patch editor for my Virus Snow.

    It was a bit more work than I anticipated, but things are coming together really nice at the moment. It's working, and pretty stable too. I'm still working on lot's of small improvements.

    The editor should work fine with another Virus TI models, but since I only have a Snow I cannot be sure. I have a Roland USB to MIDI cable which works fine, but other people are using other tools to get MIDI out of an iPad. In other words: it's working for me, but it should be tested in the real world before I send it to the app store.
    I'm planning to start testing in May. Anybody interested to help me out?

    More info about the app:


  • Thanks, Maarten. I'm likely going to get it, once the patch librarian feature is implemented (which is primarily what I need) but before I do, I just want to make sure I understand how it works. Basically, am I hooking up the TI and a USB to midi interface (I have a UM-One) to the computer and then also hook the iPad up to the computer?

    One feature I'd like to see is a global assign for a bank (VCommander does this, but they don't make one for the TI), meaning, if I want to assign all of my softknobs in my arpeggiator bank to be set up the same way, I can do it for the entire bank, instead of having to go in and assign each patch, manually, which, using the current software, would take hours. Any chance you could put a feature in there like that?

  • Hi,

    The way I use it:
    connect the iPad to the Virus TI using the UM-one.
    I plug my MIDI over Bluetooth connectors in my controller keyboard, and pair them with the iPad too.
    With Cubasis I send the midi data from the controller keyboard to the Virus.

    After working on the patch library, i'm not sure what's next. I try to figure out what's most requested. Changing settings for a whole bank is new to me ;)

    However, I think my app makes this already a bit more easy because the sof knobs are set in the 'control'-section. You can leave this section unchanged if you want, and load new section presets for all the other sections.
    If you want to work with (complete) patches, I could add a feature to the patch library which would allow you to 'lock' one or more sections while loading new patches. But I think the original editor from Access has this functionality too.

  • You need the apple USB to Lightning "camera adapter" to connect both:

    In the app there is a audit button, it just sends a note. There will be a keyboard on screen in the future, but that's only meant to test your sound. After all, the app is made to create sounds, not to play music on your Virus. Real keyboards are way more usable for that.

  • First off I want to say it’s awesome you made this, something access and maybe mystery islands should of done.
    However I do find it on the pricey side for an app of this kind in comparison to what is on the App Store for similar money. I picked up moog model D the other day for less than this app. I appreciate developers need to make money and I know us virus users should have no probs dropping this kind of money to control an expensive piece of hardware. I do wish you continued success with the app though.
    I do have the feeling though that someone will come along with something similar for less. Maybe even an au3 version.
    Anyways good luck

  • I have submitted version 1.1, which includes the patch library, this morning for review. Could be released later today, tomorrow, or later this week in case they find something.

    @zeusweiler, i appreciate your comments on not buying the app because you feel it's over priced.
    It's your choice, so i'm not sure you need my opinion. But you wrote it down, so you may expect one. well...

    I don't think you should expect more iPad apps for Virus TI in the future, because of the same reason there has been none (dedicated) apps in the past. From a commercial perspective the bussiness case is non-excisting. You cannot make profit out of it. The salesnumbers are not big enough compared to the time spend on developing this app. For me not a problem as it is not my main job.

    When compared with the model D app of Moog, you are totally right: I loose. I developed my app on my own, took me more than a year. They developed theirs with a team of professionals. They do not need to make profit with the app itself because they try to sell more synthesizers with it. It is an investment. A very smart, well done marketing 'trick'. 5 euro for an app like that cannot be without a reason. Don't get me wrong: i think it is a very wel designed app which is fun to use. But it is designed to make you buy a real Moog synth some day. Buying this app is like paying for watching a tv commercial over and over again.

    I think €15,- is reasonable, for the amount of work, and financial investment I have made to this point. The price is too low to earn it all back, but that's not my goal.
    I just do not see why I should sell it for less.

  • I think you misunderstood my comment I actually am most probably going to buy ur app, I’m sorry it came across negative: I actually think you deserve praise for what you have designed. I always try to support smaller developers when I can, I buy allot of brambos stuff as he is a great dev.
    I have no to zero interest in ever buying a real Moog, but ur app is essentially the missing link to my 100% transition over to iOS with my virus snow which I probs wouldn’t still be interested in making electronic music without, and I thank you for that. I just thought by App Store standards it was on the more expensive side for what it does in comparison to similar priced apps. However you are right no one else has done it so I will buy it, embrace it and most probs love it: so once again thank you for bringing this to the App Store and I think you are right if it’s the only one why should you underprice your hard work I wish you all the luck with this as it is a bit of a game changer for me as it will allow me to finally ditch my old i5 1.4 laptop which only works now while plugged in and concentrate on my iPad Pro which I am enjoying immensely

  • Maarten, is it possible to use this app through an iOS audio interface that has midi in and outs, or does it have to be a direct USB to Midi connection. I have a UM One, but I just realized that it doesn't communicate with iOS and just bought the app and don't feel like spending another 40 dollars for a UM Mk II. I ended up hooking it up through my iConnectaudio interface, but I can't tell if it's working, because I can't find the audit button in the app. Does it only show up if it's connecting properly?

  • Hi,
    Sorry for the delay, I've been on vacation for a week with the kids and unable to answer your question with my iphone (i cannot login to the forum using safari for some reason)

    I do not have a list with all compatible or incompatible hardware to help me answer your question. But wether it will work or not is easy to see.
    First: connect the UM ONE
    second: start TOUCH for VIRUS, and open the settings page
    The UM One should be listed as MIDI source in the table (step 2). When it is, just select it and it should work, the patch name lsited on the screen should change to "Touched".

    When it isn't listed, I suppose UM One is not compatible with IOS.

    I must apologize for the "audit" button. In the last update I have re-implemented a new tab system but I haven't noticed the "Audit" button has as a result been placed out of screen. It's a bug, I should have seen it before I published, but for some reason I have missed this. Tonight I will fix it, and I will submit a new release this weekend. It should be available as an update on monday, maybe tuesday.

  • do you know if the Quicco Sound mi.1 is compatible with the Virus or your app? I have a Virus TI.2 61-key and would like to use it to send midi on an iPhone I have. I was able to trigger the piano in GarageBand for iOS from a Kronos that had the Quicco Sound mi.1 plugged into its MIDI ports. When I plugged the mi.1 into the MIDI ports on the Virus, the Quicco Sound "Piano Jukebox" app was able to connect to it, but the virus wouldn't send any midi out.

  • Barrage: You're welcome! I hope its of good use to you.

    @matkatmusic on its website Quicco states "The mi.1 interfaces directly to your iOS CoreMIDI applications.". If that is true, it should work fine. That said, I only have tested Bluetooth over midi using a Yamaha interface, I do not own the Quicco Sound mi. Even never heard of this brand to be honest.
    My app, just to be sure, is an iPad app, it's not made for iPhone.