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    Aside from the needed Mac/driver update, I don’t feel like we “need” anything in terms of software or features for the current model. I don’t really expect Access to be turning out new OS versions or fresh features.

    I'd have to strongly disagree with the first sentence, agree with the second. The only thing I really want at this point, is an update of the Virus plugin. It still looks and feels like a 10 year old program. It needs to be scalable, as I can barely read the damn thing, and they could certainly update the interface to make it easier to move around and drag and drop things. What I'd REALLY like is a standalone library editor. I love my TI2, but I absolutely hate the abandonware, and I'd likely be more productive had I an interface that feels like something that could have come out in the last year or two.

    But, not holding my breath, I don't really think Access gives a flying fig about this, and I can't understand why - they're still selling and making them, you'd think, even if it's only got a year or so left, you'd at least want new users to have an updated interface.

    All very valuable advice, thank you. I'm trying to see if I can do most of this with the hardware, mostly because I find the VC somewhat unreliable, my eyes can't always read the small fonts, and considering it does, by all accounts, seem that Access has more or less given up on updating VC to something that looks like it was designed in the last five years, I want to not have to rely on it, as I can easily envision it not working in some future Windows update. I really wish they'd release some code, as I suspect there's a bunch of people who would design a standalone editor that is extensive, efficient and contemporary. The alternatives I've checked out, thus far, don't really cut it for me.

    I do need to just dive in and learn more about sound design... between gigging, playing and practicing bass and synth, and composing, it's hard to squeeze it in, but I need to.

    Okay, I've had my TI2 for a few years now. I've always been intimidated by sound design, so I've always been a preset guy, but in the last few years, I've also gotten much more serious about my music, so I need to really learn how to use these things.

    Last night, I spent a lot of time going through my presets and looking at the settings, trying to figure out what makes what sound the way it does. Informative, at times, but also confusing, at times.

    I do understand the basics of subtractive synthesis, but it starts getting tricky for me once I get out of anything simplistic. I've been able to have some luck with some simple sounds on my Moog Sub 37, but once it gets into anything complex, I get lost.

    So, two questions.

    The first is Virus specific, I looked at the manuals, and couldn't figure this out. To do the most basic thing... have a sine LFO sweep my cutoff filter.... do I need to use the matrix for that? I went through the LFO settings, couldn't see something straightforward... it's so easy to do this on my Moog. What am I missing?

    Second.... what I don't understand is, when making complex sounds, is it a lot of trial and error, or do you all actually know the results of these complex formulas? When I see something like a complicated matrix, having LFO 1 adjust LFO 2 to adjust the PWM, etc (or any number of things like that), do you know exactly what that sounds like, before you do it? It's what I've always wondered about modular folks, how they know what the 5 billion possible combinations will do. Like, when you hear a complex sound in your head, how do you know that you have to do three complicated routings to get it?

    I know this may sound ridiculous, but not knowing these things is really starting to drag on my creativity, and I just need to know how you figure out how the complex stuff is going to sound, with so many permutations possible.

    Hey, folks,

    I was working on some projects last night, and I was using a patch (Vanilla PD - don't remember where it came from). It's an ambient-type pad. So, anyways, as I'm listening to playback, at a reasonable volume, I'm hearing this occasional sound, sort of a harsh distortion, just a bit, almost like the speaker's just starting to overload. So, of course, I'm freaking out, because I'm playing it through my new QSC 8.2's, which shouldn't be doing that at such a low volume.

    So, curious, I tried some other similar patches, even playing them rather loudly, and I didn't hear any distortion. I decided to turn off the speakers, and listen right out of the TI's headphone jack, and, sure enough, on that patch, I was getting this strange distortion at times, regardless of the volume. It doesn't sound like something that the patch author intended.

    Now, I'm still more of a preset guy than a patch designer, so I didn't really dig around, much, but is it possible there's some particular thing in that particular patch that is pushing signals past the limits, before they're even making it out of the synth? Could this be something wrong with the Virus (I've had it about two years, no problems, bought it new)? I'm truly baffled by this. I was able to use another patch, but, still, this is concerning.

    Considering how many newer DAWS and such use the MTC format, exclusively, and the TI2 only sends Midi Clock, it would be nice to have that option. I currently use my AKAI MPC live as my master clock (which does either), but considering I need to have MTC for my DAW, but Midi Clock for the TI, essentially, I have to choose one or the other, taking the other out of the loop. It'd be nice to have the Virus be able to sync to MTC.

    I had a session recently, where I had to use every track of my Focusrite. all 20 channels, so, to make this happen, I used the digital output on the TI2. I notices, on playback, every now and then I'd notice a pop or a crackle on that one track. Thinking that maybe it was the crappy RCA cord, I was using, I went out and bought a really good SPDIF cable (I vaguely remember having this problem with another interface, too, sending the digital out from the Virus to it, so I don't think it's my focusrites, which are brand new). Anyways, even with the new, high-end cable, I still got the pops and cracks, effectively making the digital out on the TI2 useless (the TI's less than 2 years old). Anyone else have a problem? Is there some optimal setting in the TI options that I should be using, to make sure the cracks don't happen? It's not something I feel like sending in my Virus for, because I use it all the time, but I'm just wondering if I can somehow tweak a setting. Anyone?

    Hey, folks,

    An interesting problem I'm having (and I had this with my last TI2 that had a bad board - this one is new). I have my TI2 set to be the master clock, and man, does it make it lag when doing any kind of adjustment, whether it be selecting a preset or turning a knob. It's not constant, but sometimes, I'll have to wait 5 seconds or more until I see the change. Anyone else have this problem? Would I have the same problem if I set it up to be a slave to some other source?

    Thank you Maarten for your amazing Snow editor, I’m using a iConnect4+ interface with a air iPad and works great. I don’t know if other editors have section presets, but this feature is genius and makes editing a joy. There are a couple of improvements I’d like to see, in the mod matrix section I’d like to see a numeric value on mod depth parameter and is there a way I could easily reset a fader to it’s default value or zero?

    Are you connecting to the Virus and using the app just through the IConnect4? I have one of those, if that's what you're doing, could you please tell me how you set it up to do that?

    Hey, folks, anyone using their TI2 as the master clock to their other devices? Since day one of buying it new, when I do, it makes the entire synth sluggish, as though it has to catch up... whether it be scrolling through presets, turning knobs, it is very slow to respond. I realize that sending the clock is another load on the processor, but it's frustrating to want to change a preset or setting and have to wait 5 or 8 seconds for the synth to respond. It doesn't seem to matter what the complexity of a particular patch is.

    Pro Tools 2018 came out six months ago, AAX was implemented more than 6 years ago.
    Virus TI is being selled regularly as always, and no one from access fuckin cares about the AAX versions of their so called "Total Integration" synth.
    At least remove the words "Total Integration" or one of these days someone of us, who is really pissed of about this story, will report you for fraud."

    Jeez, you think acting like a dramatic, whiny baby is going to get you anywhere? And the TI came out long before AAX.Did it say anywhere in the literature that AAX was supported when you bought the synth? If not, why did you buy it? No, assuming they would implement it is not an excuse.

    Yes, ideally, Access would try to keep the synth they're still selling current, but it's pretty clear that's not a priority. Good luck reporting 'fraud'.

    Maarten, is it possible to use this app through an iOS audio interface that has midi in and outs, or does it have to be a direct USB to Midi connection. I have a UM One, but I just realized that it doesn't communicate with iOS and just bought the app and don't feel like spending another 40 dollars for a UM Mk II. I ended up hooking it up through my iConnectaudio interface, but I can't tell if it's working, because I can't find the audit button in the app. Does it only show up if it's connecting properly?