Fried Virus? Next step?

  • Hi, I'm trying to see what the issue is with my Virus TI Desktop so I can know what my next step should be as far as buying a part, sending it in for repair, or trashing it. It's in perfect cosmetic shape in a smokeless home. Yesterday I noticed that about 20 percent of the screen looked a little funny, almost resembling of what a QR code looks like. So I turned it off and unplugged it before I went to bed. When I got up today, I plugged it in and everything seemed fine, the screen was even back to perfect. After about 15 minutes though, I noticed a smell and saw that It was smoke coming from the back of the virus ti. The only thing that was plugged into it was a USB port and the original power cable. I let the smoke go away and I plugged it In again later and it came on for a little, started to smoke again, gave me the error "illegal spdif" or something like that and it won't power on again. Does this sound like something specific/particular as far as diagnosing what the exact issue is ? Thanks.

    I'm in the US if that matters at all.

  • So if this helps, I just found out the anker USB port that the virus was plugged into had some type of power surge. I found this out after noticing the anker USB port died the same day the virus died, and noticed the surges while trying to troubleshoot what the probably with the port was. Does this narrow down anything as far as what the issue could be?