What do I need in order to get reliable USB TI results?

  • I'm using a iMac circa 2010 with 4 usb ports, Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.6, Logic 10.4.0 and latest version of Virus TI2 software.

    Issues I have are as follows:

    - no sound or distorted sound upon initializing the Virus TI plugin. Requires restart of Virus and/or of computer.
    - random bursts of noise. Requires restart of Virus.
    - arpeggiator goes out of sync

    The plugin is basically unusable or only works a limited amount of time before ruining workflow. I want to know what I need to do in order to get my Virus TI to work properly or, at least, more reliably or is it just hopeless? Do I need a usb hub? And if so, which one will work best for my current setup? Thanks!

  • Logic and my Virus never got along well. I had the same issues you list and often. There are threads here in regard to usb hubs. I’ve tried all scenarios with and without hubs and the issues remained. Not that it helps your situation but since moving to Ableton, I get none of those issues.

  • I'm mainly using Cubase and only rearly do something with Logic.

    What I can say from my own experience:

    • Good USB hubs with MTT help. I got myself two Exsys EX-1188-HMS USB 3.0 industry grade hubs to connect all my music gear. Very few USB releated problems with these. Most likely you should als be fine with the Elektron Overhub.
    • Ever sInce upgrading to MacOS Mojave (10.14.6), the Virus TI runs much more stable compared to Sierra / High Sierra, but I guess your iMac is not suppoerted anymore by newer OS.
    • Random bursts of noise which require the Virus to be restarted are most probably related to one or both of the DSP crashing, which could indicated a hardware problem
    • The arpeggiator was not designed to be used from within a DAW (Arp as Step Sequencer Glitch?), and often gets out of sync, also with other setups. I gave up on using it in the context of a DAW.

    Maybe some of that helps.

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