Having trouble with with playing midi in ableton

  • Hey, I believe this is a sync issue although the error message does not always show at the time this happens. I have my TI desktop connected via usb with virus control open in ableton live 8. Even if I just use one part on one midi channel I am having issues when I stop and start ableton. For instance I will set up a melody in midi and send it to the virus and it will play as intended. But then, I will stop ableton to edit a drum groove or something and when I start to listen to my project again, the midi file I set up for the melody has a different groove and timing. Sometimes when I stop and start the whole ableton project and not just the clips it will go back to normal but not always, any help with this, am I the only one?

  • your are not alone with this problem .... but access want not believe me about this ....

    i have contact the support for this ... but no solution Until today.

    to resync the tempo you could push the stop button of transport bar of ableton A lot of time and after this the virus is sync in tempo but For a little while

    :( :( :( :(

  • I had a feeling I was not going to be alone. I do sometimes get luck by stopping at the transport bar but like you said, not always. It can really drive you nuts when you are playing a lot of midi files and you are not sure what is not causing the timing issues

  • i bought a new USB port/card thing cause I thought it was the power feed to the virus, but that doesnt help either. I seriously reconsider of giving in my Virus again, cause I dont feel like changing OS, if it is OS related

  • Have you followed all advises in the how to's? made sure you are using ASIO? set the buffersize between 128 and 512?
    Have you contacted support? Can you give a detailed way to reproduce your problem?

    Actually, Ableton Live and Virus TI are pretty much tight together.


  • Hey Timo, thanks for your reply. I have the buffer size set at 512. Should I lower this? The best way to describe the problem is that it will play the same midi file one way, and then if I stop my project and press play again, the same midi file will play a totally different groove, without touching or editing the midi file.

  • Hi,

    i try to use the VC ,just with the USB out, to simplify the work of the virus TI.

    and after 1 or 2 hour of work on ableton, the parts play by the virus was desync, and i must to move forward the midi note to resync this.

    i save this setting in my ableton set and when i reboot ableton, i must move reward the midi note to resync.

    there are an another problem, when launch the song it's not sync all the time, and i must push the stop bouton many time to try to resync the part play by virus.

    i thought the problem was when i use analog and USB out a the same time, but not the problem is real and i think the tempo sync in VC mode could be update.

    it's really bad to make sound and to be not sure that the tempo was good ....

    could you search the problem, i'm not alone in this case if i read the previous message in this post.

    i want to pay for an update with a good tempo sync, its really important.

    live version 7.0.18, mac pro with 10.6.2, RME multiface.

    could you tell me if it's possible to sync ableton with the virus clock and not The opposite, perhaps this tips could give me a good tempo sync.

    could you tell me if it's possible to send the midiclock of midiclock to virus by midi port and not by USB port when we use the vc ?

    how can i check the DPC latency of my computer, DPC latency exist on OS X ??

    thx for your support

  • I'm having a sync issue as well.
    it isn't the same, but maybe related.
    even when recording is quantized midi seems to fall an 1/8 note before I played it. Even when I move the midi clip over to the correct spot it will still play a little behind.

    The weirdest part is that I can load songs I've done previously and they are in sync. Then If I strip the track down to nothing and start a new project on the same template the same exact thing happens as stated above.

    My virus has been synced up perfect for months and I've added no new hardware, software, or any upgrades.

    Hope you can help

  • I don't understand how people can use the Virus Snow in any professional setting. The Virus Control simply does not work. Latency is crazy and it is IMPOSSIBLE to create a monitoring situation where the MIDI will accurately reflect what you hear. Trust me I've tried every possible angle on this. And now this. It doesn't sync up with Ableton, its MAIN HOST!!!!!!! Jesus!!!! It just doesn't sync!!!! Then theres the option of just using it like a normal hardware synth with a MIDI cable and analog outs but NO! Unbalanced outs!!! The noise is impossible to work with!! Who was it that had the balls to say "lets put unbalanced outs in this thing to save money, no one will notice". Rediculous, this is the most worthless musical tool I have ever encountered! Needless to say it will be on Ebay tomorrow!


  • Ok so my sync issue is similar but a little different in that when I record the actually recorded midi is in the wrong place. I believe every thing is in sync it just plays out of sync if that makes scince.

    To fix it i can manually I move the midi looper although this gets tiresome for every single sample, and it hampers my creativity when I need to mess with a something that should be automatic

  • and after 1 or 2 hour of work on ableton, the parts play by the virus was desync, and i must to move forward the midi note to resync this.

    i wonder what i need to do to re-create this situation. just letting ableton live run in a loop seems to not do the trick. so we need to work on this. one word of advise though. assuming that the virus drifts gradually out of sync and it suddenly there is a static offset, the worse thing you can do is to move notes. this way, the next time you boot up (and the offset is probably gone), those notes will be at the wrong position in time.

    best, marc

  • This issue definitely exists with Ableton Live running the Virus TI VC.

    I've kind of adapted with the issue. Instead of moving notes, I just keep slamming my SpaceBar, to Start & Stop the transport bar. And I usually pray that the sync doesn't show up when I finally bounce out ^^

  • Marc and company,

    Macbook Pro
    RME fireface 800 soundcard
    Live 8

    I'm with you Marc. Why post a question if you aren't going to follow up. My experience with Access for the last 9 years is that the staff is all about making working out issues. Thanks by the way.

    The timing issues between the TI and Live are well known. Playback sync wanders and recorded midi notes never land in the right place. I have run countless tests of simply tying to sync a recorded midi note input with Lives metranome and cant get remotely close. Often the notes are a sixteenth off. I've even plugged in my old Indigo with old school midi just to be able to input midi (which is to say record music as it's played rather than inputing it with a mouse) as any musician would expect to do in this modern day. Old school Virus B, C, and Indigo with old school midi never had this kind of trouble but then Access didn't have a reliable library system like the TI. Running Ableton in Live mode DOES NOT solve the problem. (Sorry Marc) Using Live as the sync host, using the TI as my sound card and taking my RME soundcard completely out of the loop DOES NOT solve the problem. Ableton has never responded to the issue other than to ask if I am using Live mode. May we all feel each others pain.

    Look Ableton bretheren, I, as many of you, waited for a good long time to update to Live 8 waiting for them to work out the timing kinks. I had to believe the issue was with Live as not only TI owners have serious issues with Live timing. I expected it would be solved in version 8 so I laid out the cash a couple of months ago to find that it may have gotten worse. And that was it. I came to the end of my relationship with Ableton. I purchased Logic, plugged it in and the problem has dissapeared. Poof. Years of frustration with Live, years of letting a DAW crush creativity and flow, and just like that it's over. Logic and the TI work together flawlessly for me. (Use Live mode of course) So Timster, mate, it's not a cross platform issue for me. I really believe Ableton is just not up to the professional standard it needs to be. And bless them for making a DAW that was so easy to learn. It has opened up musical creation to thousands of people. Has many great ideas. But . . . I know we are all a bunch of starving aspirants and already invested in Live but look . . . what to you want to do for the next few years, write music or fight software.

    Two cents